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Encourage your kids' sense of adventure and play with all the latest must have toys, and some retro favourites.

Create your own bouncy balls with flashing centres and colourful layered designs with this handy kit....
Make Your Own Flashing Bouncy Ball
Connect with friends and family wherever they are in the world with Toy-Fi Teddy, an adorable teddy bear that will record and receive your personal messages.
Toy-fi Teddy
Light as air and bouncy too, the flashing balloon ball can be inflated up to 25cm!
Flashing Balloon Ball

Up your Jedi credentials with this handy R2-D2 writing pen that also projects the image of Princess Leia from Episode 4!
Star Wars R2-D2 Projector Pen
Just the gift for would be Space Rangers, kids will love this retro styled space gun with lights and sounds!
Light & Sound Toy Ray Gun
A cuddle, a snuggle and a colourful light show, Glow Pals Cuddle Cushions are ideal for soothing little ones at night.
Cuddle Cushions

Create eerie worlds that glow in the dark with soft mouldable Sands Alive Glow Volcano World!
Sands Alive Glow Volcano
Just one bounce is all it takes to set off the most hilarious jiggling, giggling, bouncing display from the unpredictable Bobble Ball!
Blink Bobble Ball
A super soft, super stretchy friend that dances and moves when you do Stretchkins Pink Cat encourages movement and snuggles too!
Stretchkins Pink Cat

An adorable bunny for night and day, Lamaze Sonny the Glow Bunny aids baby's development with vision, sound and touch.
Lamaze Sonny the Glow Bunny
A great scary practical joke...It's Alive!
Sound Activated Crawling Hand
Bedtime becomes a hoot with this adorable snuggly owl that soothes little ones with a soft glow and a lullaby.
Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Owl

Squirt colourful water for a fun flame effect from the mouth of this adorable light up bath dragon!
Tomy Light Up Bath Dragon
Let this little cute plush toy Ladybug keep you safe at night, the Twilight Ladybug will light up and create starry constellations in the bedroom...
Cloud B Twilight Ladybug
Enlighten your current constructions or build whole light up worlds with Light Stax light up building blocks.
Light Stax Building Blocks

Turn your room into an enchanting world packed with fairies and unicorns with this sweet projector torch.
My Very Own Fairy and Unicorn Projector Torch
The ultimate boys toy for fun in the snow, the Snow Scooter beats the boring old sledge hands down!
Snow Scooter
Whirl, twirl and perform endless tricks leaving trails of red light with the light up yoyo!
Light Up YoYo

Put down the gaming control and pick up the Cool Circuits Light Puzzle for the ultimate mind bending challenge!
Cool Circuits Light Puzzle
Keep your secrets safe from sneaky snoopers with the Secret Spy Message Kit!
Secret Spy Message Kit
These very funky glow in the dark notebooks make putting pen to paper way more funky than your note taking smartphone app!
Glow in the Dark Notebook

An enchanting mermaid swims, dances and dives in her enchanting water wonderland in the Magical Mermaid Set.
My Magical Mermaid Set
Take to the snowy slopes on the back of your favourite arctic animal on groovy Snow Boogie Inflatable Arctic Animal Sledges. Fabulous winter fun!
Snow Boogie Inflatable Arctic Animal Sledge
The Campervan remains hugely popular with young and old alike - and you're never too old to appreciate a remote controlled version.
Real Remote Controlled Campervan

This globe is a world map showing all political boundaries and geographical features by day, while at night shows a glowing blue map of the constellations...
Earth And Constellation Globe
A fairground classic to turn bathtime into a carnival, Hook a Duck in the bath and win a prize every time!
Hook A Duck Bath Game
Anyone who's music mad will love Blink Budz - motion activated earphones with blinking LED's, keeping you looking cool even when the darkness hits.
Blink Budz

Rehearse fail safe evacuation plans for the zombie apocalypse, replicating the flesh consuming undead with Glow Zombie Finger Puppets.
Glow Zombie Finger Puppets (5 Pack)
An adorable night light that little ones can love and hug, this light up teddy bear has super soft fur and soothing glow.
Light Up Blushing Teddy Bear
Frozen's Olaf shines a light on the subject with this cute pocket torch featuring everyone's favourite snowman!
Frozen Olaf Flashlight

One fearsome roar from your T-Rex room guard and unwanted guests will turn and run! A roarsome prehistoric guard dino that projects impressive dino images too!
T-Rex Projector & Room Guard
Speed demons will love the Fuze Wheel Writer, lighting up the night with funky images and animations.
Fuze Wheel Writer
Broken by extra early mornings and sleep deprivation from your toddler? Break their routine with a Momo Monkey Sleep Trainer clock.
Sleep Trainer Momo Monkey

Easy to keep, realistic and mesmerising, Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 is even better than a real pet fish and comes with its own bowl too!
Aquabot Bowl and LED Fish
All the fun of an aquarium without the need to feed or clean, submerge Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 in water and watch as they swim, dip and dive in all directions.
Aquabot LED Fish (Single)
A soft and squidgy Spiderman Soft Pal night light for young Spiderman fans to take to bed for extra reassurance at night.
Spiderman Soft Pal

Add this adorable owl keychain light to your keys and this friendly little owl will give you just enough light to guide you to your keyhole in the dark!
Owl Keychain Light
Squeeze pocket sized squidgy Micro Lites for white light! Available in Minions, Frozen's Olaf and My Little Pony!
Micro Lites
Horse and pony fans will love the Horse Torch & Projector; a pocket sized LED torch which projects beautiful horse and pony images
Horse Torch & Projector

Your very own robot in fourteen different ways! This 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot kit allows you to build fourteen robots with fully moving parts that are powered by the sun, it'll even work on water!
14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot
Light your way with the DC Lego Super Hero Keyring Light. You're never too old to have a comic book legend guarding your keys!
DC Lego Super Hero Keyring Lights
Don't underestimate this sweet bunny keychain, for though he may be small, he is fierce! Press his tail and he suddenly becomes a super-bright LED torch.
Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch

Messy hair went out with the dinosaurs, so how fitting that the Bonehead Brush Set will preen your locks with prehistoric precision.
Bonehead Brush Set
This Japanese comic book style Kaiju monster will guard keys as he shines a beam of fiery light from his mouth.
Kaiju Monster LED Keyring Torch
Never again will you be in the devastating predicament of being caught without googly eyes, with this emergency tin. Keep it with you at all times, just in case!
Glow in the Dark Googly Eye Tin

Don't let Nerd Bird's nerdy appearance fool you, for not only is he a cute keying, but a super bright LED torch too!
Nerd Bird LED Keyring Torch
Use natures force to create fabulous tricks that light up to create a flashy light show with the Light Up Kinetic Wheel. Amaze your friends as you perform unique spinning effects using the wheel and the power slide rail.
Light Up Kinetic Wheel
Think of an awesome colourful glowing tractor and then build it with the Laser Pegs Tractor Kit! Brilliant fun, get creative with light and let your imagination run wild!
Laser Pegs Tractor Set

An educational and fun mobile that you can hang from your childs ceiling, the Solar System Mobile is great for learning...
Solar System Mobile
Power up your Laser Pegs creations so that they glow in colourful light that doesn't fade using the Laser Pegs AC Adaptor Kit.
Laser Pegs Ac Mains Adaptor
If anyone knows a bit about protecting the universe (or bedroom, playroom or desk) it’s Yoda, and the LEGO Yoda LED Desk Lamp will do just that.
Lego Yoda LED Desk Lamp

Overcome any fears of the dark with the super cool astro projector torch. Your little ones won'’t be able to wait until night time to project spellbinding images of planets and space images onto walls and ceilings throughout your home.
Astro Projector Torch
Trick out any bike with the Fuze Gyro Glow, a wicked wheel mounted light unit that creates funky, multi-coloured spirals of light as you pedal.
Fuze Gyro Flasher
Encourage exploration of the dark with a cute Mole Miner Keyring Torch. Kids and adults will love this fab keyring torch that's small enough to fit in little pockets, bags or on your keys for emergency light!
Mole Miner Keyring

Funky fork and spoon for your kids to enjoy, the Flop Tops will make children giggle as they tuck into their food...
Flop Tops Cutlery
Save 50%
Was £11.95 Now £5.99
A whole space fleet of robots in one cool toy, the Solar Space Station Robot 7 in 1 makes seven space toys with fully moving parts that are powered by the sun.
Solar Space Fleet Robot 7 in 1
A four pack of Glow in the Dark Jumping Beans.
Glow in the Dark Jumping Beans

Helps kids be sun aware for safer outdoor play, a pack of 2 sun sensor watches, comes with Mr. Tickle Pouch and handy guide for parents of when to avoid the sun.
Mr Tickle Sun Sensor Watch
Fabulous retro chic, the Space Invaders LED Keychain not only looks cool but lights your way too!
Space Invaders LED Keychain
A brilliant kids hand held dinosaur projecter that can project images up to 1 metre wide.
Dinosaur Torch and Projector

Turn out the lights and to expose your fabulous glow in the dark artwork, or maybe you've written a secret message for someone special to see? Glow in the Dark Pens are fantastic art fun especially at Halloween!
Glow In The Dark Pens
Practical and fun gloves to wear when its cold, normal white gloves in the day and funky green glowing gloves at night...
Glow Gloves
As low as £3.60 each
No self respecting party bag would be without a bouncy ball, and these fab bouncy ball glow in the dark!
Bag of Glow Bouncy Balls (100 Pack)

A great little bedroom toy that projects relaxing colourful images onto walls and ceillings.
My Very Own Kaleidoscope Projector
Prepare to be amazed as the Aurora Lights Projector casts a stunning aurora light show around the room.
Aurora Lights Projector
Light your room with a zoo of wild animals, projected up to one metre wide from the two-in-one Animal Torch & Projector.
Animal Torch & Projector

This bright owl torch will light the way on outdoor explorations and camping trips. Perfect for little explorers!
Owl LED Crank Light Torch
Play indoors, outdoors and even in the dark with a glow in the dark ball that's as light as air!
Glow in the Dark Balloon Ball
Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go projects an ocean scene in blue and green, comforting children to sleep wherever they lay their head.
Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go

Unlike any remote control car you’ve seen before, the Stunt Racer 360 will blow you away. Light it up and watch it go, as it transforms into an incredible stunt car, with 360 degree spins creating an awesome light show!
Stunt Racer 360
Turn all walks of life into a real life arcade experience with the incredible Laser Tag Shooting Game....
Laser Tag Shooting Game
DC Comic's Harley Quinn becomes your sidekick giving light just when you need it most with this kooky Lego keyring torch.
Lego Harley Quinn Keyring Torch

Cuddle up to Charley the Chameleon for a soothing bedtime with colourful lights and soothing tropical sounds.
Cloud B Charley the Chameleon
Sleep deprived parents will love this cuddly turtle night light almost as much as their kids will!
Dream Gazer Turtle
Project up to 24 scenes from Disney's Frozen onto surrounding surfaces and relive your favourite moments time and again.
Disney Frozen Projector Torch Disney Frozen Projector Torch

The perfect gift for little...and big Star Wars fans.
Lego Darth Vader LED Desk Lamp Lego Darth Vader LED Desk Lamp
Discover a fascinating underwater world, growing your own Aqua Dragons and watching as they eat, play, swim and even reproduce!
Aqua Dragons with LED Lights Aqua Dragons with LED Lights
Save 13%
Was £22.99 Now £19.99
A light up remote controlled infrared flying UFO, this lightweight flying saucer will zip round your home with superior control and stability. Brilliant fun and ideal for remote control aviation experts, no matter what their age!
Remote Controlled Infrared Flying UFO Remote Controlled Infrared Flying UFO

Fireworks aren't just for Bonfire Night, enjoy explosive patterns of colourful light any night of the year with Firework Lightshow in my Room.
Firework Lightshow in my Room Firework Lightshow in my Room
Bring any object to life with these giant Googly Eyes, then turn off the lights and watch them glow in the dark too.
Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes
Target practice just got way more exciting with zonic blaze screaming whistle arrows and an LED bow!
Air Storm Firetek Z-Curve Bow Air Storm Firetek Z-Curve Bow

Creep, lumber and crawl your way through a menacing zombie apocalypse with this set of glow in the dark flesh eating zombies...
Glow in the Dark Zombie Play Set Glow in the Dark Zombie Play Set
Save 50%
Was £19.91 Now £9.95
Launch your very own firework rockets through the air up to 75m with Air Storm Firetek Rocketz!
Air Storm Firetek Rocketz Air Storm Firetek Rocketz
This sporty red Cloud B Twilight Car will accompany car mad kids on adventures galore at playtime, before soothing them into a sound slumber at bedtime.
Cloud B Twilight Car Cloud B Twilight Car