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Perfect presents for babies and new parents including night lights, soothers, soft toys and puppets, there's even comedy rattles!

Weird and wrong but oh so cute.
Moustache Dummy
An adorable night light that little ones can love and hug, this light up teddy bear has super soft fur and soothing glow.
Light Up Blushing Teddy Bear
Broken by extra early mornings and sleep deprivation from your toddler? Break their routine with a Momo Monkey Sleep Trainer clock.
Sleep Trainer Momo Monkey

Squirt colourful water for a fun flame effect from the mouth of this adorable light up bath dragon!
Tomy Light Up Bath Dragon
An adorable bunny for night and day, Lamaze Sonny the Glow Bunny aids baby's development with vision, sound and touch.
Lamaze Sonny the Glow Bunny
Bedtime becomes a hoot with this adorable snuggly owl that soothes little ones with a soft glow and a lullaby.
Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Owl

Just one bounce is all it takes to set off the most hilarious jiggling, giggling, bouncing display from the unpredictable Bobble Ball!
Blink Bobble Ball
Little ones will fall in love with the adorable Hungry Bunny. He'll soothe them to sleep and join them wherever they go.
Hungry Bunny Nightlight
Smiling farmyard animals dance and fly their way around the farm, adding charm to any children's room.
Farmyard Rotating Lamp

Dressing a baby as a piglet may be a little wrong but it's also incredibly amusing.
Lil Piglet Dummy & Headband Set
Connect with friends and family wherever they are in the world with Toy-Fi Teddy, an adorable teddy bear that will record and receive your personal messages.
Toy-fi Teddy
Illuminate story times and peaceful slumbers with the Big Bear Light. This teddy bear design lamp and night light features five different colour modes.
Big Bear Light

Help your kids get to sleep better at night with the Cuddle Cub teddy bear, with its hidden vibrating heart tucked inside to sooth your child to sleep...
Cuddle Cub
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The perfect gift for fans of great adventures, the Aloka Sleepy Light is available with either Spaceship, Train or Pirate design, along with four light functions. Bright, fun and functional!
Aloka Sleepy Light Adventure
Momo the Monkey will brighten any room with his playful smile during the day, and warm, soothing glow at bedtime. The perfect bedtime buddy for little ones
Momo Monkey Wall Decor Light

A kooky Goatee Dummy for the little rock star in your life, this hilarious baby pacifier soothes baby and entertains grown ups with its' hilarious design!
Goatee Dummy
A pacifier with attitude for future rockstars and cool kids!
Pirate Skull Glow Pacifier
Cast soft light into your room from the energy efficient Suck UK Bunny Lamp. A charming table lamp or night light that will be adored by kids and adults alike.
Suck UK Bunny Lamp

A wise owl that casts a warm glow into your child's room at night, the Woodland Owl LED Night Light casts just enough light to be a comfort to little ones as they settle to sleep at night.
Woodland Owl LED Nightlight
Embrace thoughtful lighting with the MyLight bed light, a motion activated light that illuminates beneath the bed with a soft guiding glow.
My Light Bed Light
A charming companion to help reassure your child at night, this Little Baby Bunny Night Light casts a warm white glow to comfort your child and help alleviate fears of the dark.
Little Baby Bunny Nightlight

A hilarious baby pacifier to help soothe your child, the Hot Lips Dummy gives baby an instant full pout of red hot lips! Calm baby and give yourself a chuckle at the same time!
Hot Lips Dummy
A quirky wall clock featuring a charming owl with mesmerising eyes, this Glow in the Dark Owl Clock becomes even more bewitching at night as its eyes glow brightly in the dark!
Glow in the Dark Owl Clock
These playful goldfish stringlights are a colourful, fun light feature for any child’s room. Get decorative and cast a warm and cosy glow.
Goldfish Stringlights

Kids will adore these Rabbit String Lights, a set of sixteen adorable grey rabbits that cast a soft, magical glow around the room.
Rabbits Stringlights
Cute little kittens always go down a treat with the kids, and these Kitten String Lights will certainly be a favourite with children of all ages.
Kitten Stringlights
With a heart that beats gently and glows softly from within their soft furry tums, these beautiful Beating Heart Glow Cuddles Bears will quickly become your child's favourite bedtime buddy.
Cloud B Beating Heart Glow Cuddles Bear

This sweet smiling little hedgehog night light will be a comforting companion, casting a warm glow around the room at bedtime.
Little Hedgehog Nightlight
This charming Baby Squirrel Night Light will comfort tired tots into a restful slumber.
Baby Squirrel Nightlight
Funky fork and spoon for your kids to enjoy, the Flop Tops will make children giggle as they tuck into their food...
Flop Tops Cutlery
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A fine bone china Dog Lamp that is so adorable, he is hard not to love, when lit you can even see his little doggy whiskers through the warm glow. Standing (or rather sitting!) at 21cm high, this lamp will be adored by every generation!
Bone China Dog Lamp
Little boys and little girls alike will love these adorable bright-eyed Puppy Dog String Lights.
Puppy Stringlights
Made from the softest Velboa fabric, Lavender Lab is designed to help children sleep easier with its relaxing scent and soft fur...
Lavender Lab
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Was £19.99 Now £9.95

My, what beautiful teeth your baby has! Put a smile on your baby'’s face with Fun Dummies. Kids love dummies, and you'’ll love them too because these dummies come complete with toothy grins and vampire teeth; …you get the idea!
Fun Dummies
This super cute LED light mobile makes a fabulous nightlight as it goes through a calming colour change light pattern. Settle your little one at night with the gorgeous Spaceman Mobile.
Spaceman Mobile
A funky new night light with appeal for all ages the Boon Glo Nightlight combines colour change and glow in the dark to create a stylish and portable night light that can be taken to bed for extra comfort at night.
Boon Glo Lamp or Nightlight

Let this little cute plush toy Ladybug keep you safe at night, the Twilight Ladybug will light up and create starry constellations in the bedroom...
Cloud B Twilight Ladybug
A fun and comforting night light, this cute little Woodland Rabbit LED Night Light emits a reassuring warm white glow.
Woodland Rabbit LED Night Light
Cuddle up to Charley the Chameleon for a soothing bedtime with colourful lights and soothing tropical sounds.
Cloud B Charley the Chameleon

Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go projects an ocean scene in blue and green, comforting children to sleep wherever they lay their head.
Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go
If you like unicorns then you'll love this fab mood light. It doesn't poop rainbows, but it does light up with a magical colour change!
Unicorn Moodlight Unicorn Moodlight
The cordless Mumbo Elephant Wall Light comes with wall decals to recreate an African sunset scene, soothing little ones to sleep with it's soothing glow.
Mumbo Elephant Wall Decor Mumbo Elephant Wall Decor

A range of colour changing LED light mobiles that looks stunning when glowing in the dark, each a different shape...
Led Light Mobile Led Light Mobile
This sporty red Cloud B Twilight Car will accompany car mad kids on adventures galore at playtime, before soothing them into a sound slumber at bedtime.
Cloud B Twilight Car Cloud B Twilight Car
The Philips Disney Mickey Softpal is the perfect bedtime companion for tired tots. A soft and comforting night light and LED lamp in one
Philips Disney Mickey Mouse Softpal Philips Disney Mickey Mouse Softpal

Little ones will love the dark when they snuggle up with their Minnie Mouse Softpal. Lit by LED's, Minnie remains cool to the touch for comfort at night.
Philips Disney Minnie Mouse Softpal Philips Disney Minnie Mouse Softpal