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Make the most of your time in the bathroom with pampering products and some unusual accessories!

Make the most of your space and increase visibility in your home too with this stylish convex mirror.
Focalise Mirror
Insult your friends and family with this comedy drinking glass.
Dentures Water Glass
Whether you're relaxing in the tub or encouraging kids to bathe, this adorable dolphin bath plug lights up and changes colour!
Dolphin Bath Plug Moodlight

Squirt colourful water for a fun flame effect from the mouth of this adorable light up bath dragon!
Tomy Light Up Bath Dragon
Bath Plug Pug is your bathing bestie. When your skin is clean and your fingers are crinkly simply give him a tug to pull out the plug (see what we did there?)
Bath Plug Pug
Time on the loo can be time well spent honing your fishing skills when your play Hook, Line and Stinker!
Hook Line & Stinker

A colourful selection of bacteria soap cleverly created in a petri specimen dish. Whatever next??
Bacteria Soap in Petri Dish (4 Pack)
Having breakfast and flossing are two equally important activities to start your day with, so combining both is little short of sheer ingenuity.
Breakfast Floss
He shoots, he scores! Give a red card to boredom when you're on the loo and test your skills with a game of Toilet Football!
Toilet Football

Cut through acrid cheese-fouled air with the strength of ten men using a quick spritz of the Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist.
Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist
Cheeky, stylish, sophisticated and charming Gentlemans shower Gel.
R-Swash Gentlemans Shower Gel
Wait for the double take when they clock this creepy Hand Shaped Soap on the side of the sink.
Hand Shaped Soap

Wish that your hands are clean with the Wishy Washy Soap and you may just get your wish!
Wishy Washy Soap
Pop to the loo in the night without the need to turn on lights with the Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat. This fabulous anti bacterial loo seat glows brightly for up to eight hours a night!
Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat
A fairground classic to turn bathtime into a carnival, Hook a Duck in the bath and win a prize every time!
Hook A Duck Bath Game

A luxurious range of vintage shaving products for the ultimate grooming experience, Men Rock Shaving Essentials cut so close that even the toughest of stubble is vanquished!
Men Rock Vintage Shaving Essentials
A super stylish ergonomically shaped Egg Massager that uses heat and vibration to sooth your aches and pains away!
Egg Massager
Save 49%
Was £15.95 Now £8.10
Take care of your body and make sure it's clean and soft with the No Mould Beauty Wash Set! Includes everything you need to scrub, wash and treat your skin!
No Mould Beauty Wash Set
Save 40%
Was £19.99 Now £11.99

A gift for the manliest of men, flex and pose for yourself in this mirror which makes it look like you are on the front cover of a model magazine!
Millionairs Life
Save 41%
Was £16.99 Now £9.95
Add some flashing fun to your jacuzzi, hottub or batthtub with a stunning underwater lightshow that creates flashing fading light sequences under the water...
Under Water Light Show
"Kiss Me" Send a clear message this Valentines with our straight talking cherry red lips shaped soap! Mmmwah!
Lip Soap
Save 50%
Was £2.45 Now £1.22

Perfect for the cat lady in your life, just one quick wash with this pungent Cat Food scented soap will attract all cats in the surrounding area.
Crazy Cat Lady Soap
Keep your face and skin looking young with this fantastic and revolutionary Non Surgical Beauty Gift Set, rid yourself of facial wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet!
Non Surgical Beauty Gift Set
Save 40%
Was £29.99 Now £17.99
A shimmering, shiny lip gloss, the Complete and Utter Glosser is a fruity Pina Colada flavoured lip gloss for gorgeous, kissable lips!
Complete Utter Glosser Lipgloss

A tissue roll cover to be remembered, the Toothpaste Tissue Holder is great for replacing the dull and ordinary roll cover...
Toothpaste Tissue Holder
Save 50%
Was £12.95 Now £6.47
Take the guesswork out of nipping to the loo in the night with the Loo Light Lav Nav. Loo Light detects you approaching the loo and lights up the seat for you.
Lav Nav
A stylish mirror that allows you to cleverly wipe away condensation and muck when you need to see your own reflection!
Wiper Mirror

Find must have items in the night without feeling your way through the dark! The super handy Glo Box glows brightly so that you can find just what you need when you need it most.
Glow Box
Protect your bathroom surfaces from the horror of stray beard hairs with the handy Beard Buddy.
Beard Buddy
Can you become the sharpest shooter in the bath?
Tin Can Alley Tin Can Alley