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A selection of candles, not you run of the mill church candles or tea lights but candles with a difference.

Fill your home with the rich, warming tones from your favourite liquor for a relaxing, cosy atmosphere.
Liquor Scented Candles
Anything but prickly, these cute cacti candles bring feel good natural vibes to your interiors.
Cactus Tealights (3 Pack)
Add sparkle and shine to your gothic candles with a large glitter skull candle.
Glitter Skull Candle

Take time out to enjoy a posh brew of lightly scented vanilla with this vintage teacup candle.
Vintage Candle Cup
Almost too cute to burn, this mystical unicorn candle melts into a rainbow of colour!
Colour Melting Unicorn Candle
From cute to creepy in the flicker of flame, Pyro Pet Candles reveal a brooding dark side!
Pyro Pet Candles

Soothing scents and flickering candlelight make for a calming atmosphere in your home.
Karma Scented Candles
Sweet and flirtatious, this pink fizz scented candle comes in it's very own cocktail glass!
Pink Fizz Cocktail Glass Candle
Pamper yourself and enjoy softly flickering light from a bottle of fizz with this indulgent Champagne bottle candle.
Classic Champagne Bottle Fizz Candle

An unusual and troubling candle, Weeping Rose Candles appear to bleed as they burn for super spooky effects!
Weeping Rose Candles
Very kitsch and with a touch of the exotic, this golden parrot candle adds his own unique style to your home.
Gold Parrot Candle
As menacing as Darth Vader's planet destroyer, the Star Wars Death Star candle leaves lesser candles in the shade!
Star Wars Death Star Candle

Infinity candles create a brilliant effect of infinite candles stretching into the distance using only one candle and some clever mirrors...
Infinity Illusion Candle
With two loving cat silhouettes and subtle candlelight, this Flatyz Cat Candle sets the tone for romantic evenings in...
Flatyz Cats Candle
Relax and enjoy tropical feel good vibes from the superbly kitsch pineapple candle.
Large Pineapple Candle

Radiance Realistic Flame Candles are the most realistic flameless candles we have ever seen, creating the beautiful glow of candlelight without the risk of real flame.
Radiance Realistic Flame Candles
Sweet, stylish and with a beautiful oriental design, this pretty Flatyz candle makes an indulgent gift....
Flatyz Pink Tree Candle
With a luxurious gold peacock feather and a subtle fragrance, these glass candle jars create a warm, inviting atmosphere...
Peacock Feather Candle (Singular)

A handmade decorative butterfly candle with a unique flat design...
Flatyz Butterfly Candle
These startling candles lean unsupported on their base thanks to cunningly concealed magnets inside. They also look absolutely stunning.
Magnetic Candles
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Dining by intimate candlelight? Simply pop a Wine Cork Candle into a wine bottle for perfect ambient lighting with a rustic, continental feel.
Wine Cork Candles (4 Pack)

Get all of the effect but none of the risk when you use LED Tea Light Candles with Amber Flame. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of soft flickering candlelight without the worry of fire.
LED Amber Tealights (5 Pack)
With it's simplistic, minimalist design and vibrant poppies motif, this hand made candle makes a stylish decoration.
Flatyz Poppies Candle
Indulge in soft flickering candlelight reflected on water with Giant Floating Candles. Beautiful for atmospheric party lighting and relaxing room lighting.
Giant Floating Ivory Candles

Fantastically simple yet super effective! Add a sumptuously warm glow and light effectively with these Luminaire Candle Bags. Great for marking pathways, table, gardens & more
Candle Bags
As low as £0.52 each
Choose from a treat for your head or a treat for your feet, or better still both with these luxurious Argan Oil Massage Candles for feet and hair. Two beautifully blended essential oil massage candles infused with super moisturising Moroccan Argan Oil.
Argan Oil Massage Candles Feet & Hair
The unique dancing flame on these Dancing Flame LED Candles mimics real flames for completely safe and comforting candlelight. Set to timer for six hours of mesmerising candlelight at the same time every night.
Dancing Flame Candles Ivory

Light your home with the cosy glow of candlelight, without the hazards of real flame.
9" LED Dinner Candles (2 Pack)
These romantic Wedding Cake Tea Light Candles are beautifully delicate and look good enough to eat!
Wedding Cake T-Lights
Light a Simply Soy Scented Candle for the ultimate relaxing luxury. Highly fragranced in minimalist jars they're made with essential oils for indulgent you time.
Simply Soy Scented Candles

An excellent gift idea for somebody special or for a lover of all things arts and crafts, the greatest candle in the world powder set enables them to make their very own scented candles.
Scented Candle Making Set
A stunning rainbow of coloured wax drips as these stunning and unusual candles melt to create eye catching table decorations. Perfect fro dining and entertaining.
Drip Candles (2 Pack)
Sweet messages on even sweeter sweets, we all remember Lovehearts! Lovehearts Sweets Tea Lights are shaped just like the real thing just larger and carry the same cute messages.
Love Hearts Sweets Tealights

Tealight candle holders are a thing of the past with these Floating Candles, just place them in water and they will float on the surface!
Floating Candles - Single
Place lit tealights into tea light holders without the risk of burnt fingers, crooked placement or spilled wax with the Candlemate Tealight Set.
Candlemate Tealight Set
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Made from durable and easy to clean plastic, these Smart Candle Party Lights are an excellent mood light for indoors and outdoor...
Smart Candle Party Lights (3 Pack)

Wax made candles that are battery powered, these flickering LED candles can be put were normal candles can't and give the same lighting effect...
2.5 Inch Melted Look Smart Candles
Light a mini garden in your home of beautiful ambient light when you light a Hyacinth Tea Light Candle. Blooming lovely for soft candle light in your home!
Hyacinth Tea Light Candles
A beautifully crafted and unique looking pendant, the Moroccan Pendant holds tealight candles and gives off beautiful lighting effects.
Moroccan Pendant

Decorate your home with these beautifully designed candles, fill your home with the indulging scent of chocolate!
Chocolate T-light Candles (6 Pack)
Flickering flames reflecting from water is guaranteed to relax you and so why not float candles in the Floating Candle Bowl. An effortlessly stylish room decoration, project the inviting warmth of candle light into your room.
Floating Candle Bowl
Enjoy colour change mood lighting and soft flame free candlelight with the super cool Pink Cookie Colour Phase Candle.
Pink Cookie Colour Phase Candle

Create cosy mood lighting around the home, without the fire risk, with a set of three LED candles featuring a warm flickering light.
Roxan LED Candles with Flickering Light (3 Pack)
Individual cacti candles, each in their own little metal bucket for a sweet decoration around your home.
Cactus Candles (Single) Cactus Candles (Single)
Spread loved up hippy vibes around your home or garden with this adorable four pack of campervan candles.
Campervan Candle Holders (4 Pack) Campervan Candle Holders (4 Pack)

This sweet Night Owl Candle is the perfect gift for all ages. He's so adorable, you might just find it too hard to use him as a candle.
Night Owl Candle Night Owl Candle
Remote Control or Timer Function with Flickering or Static Mode Set of 3
Remote LED Colour Change Candles Set of 3 Remote LED Colour Change Candles Set of 3
Almost too stylish to light, this pair of Pyro Pets Sparks candles are bright, colourful and have a unique geometric design.
Pyro Pet Sparks Cat Candles (2 Pack) Pyro Pet Sparks Cat Candles (2 Pack)

Realistic candlelight that can be pre programmed, 10cm Flickering Amber LED Timer Candles create an inviting warm glow in your room and make a great security feature!
Flickering Amber LED Timer Candles 10cm Flickering Amber LED Timer Candles 10cm
As low as £3.00 each