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From alarm clocks to wall clocks and everything in between, clocks and timepieces make timeless gifts for the home.

A glass-faced wall clock with aluminium hands and an incredibly cute clock face...
Bunny Wall Clock
Make mornings a little more dramatic and take a wake up call from your Secret Agent Alarm Clock! This unusual alarm clock projects the time when your pull the trigger and vibrates to wake you up!
Secret Agent Alarm Clock
Take the shadow of a grandfather clock and throw it on your wall - without the grandfather clock...
Silhouette Steel Clock
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Was £48.95 Now £9.95

Cuddle up under the moon of love whilst casting a gorgeous, heavenly glow into your room from the stunning Glow in the Dark Moon Clock. This stunning wall clock is made up of real lunar imagery and guaranteed to turn heads!
Glow in the Dark Moon Clock
Broken by extra early mornings and sleep deprivation from your toddler? Break their routine with a Momo Monkey Sleep Trainer clock.
Sleep Trainer Momo Monkey
A quirky wall clock featuring a charming owl with mesmerising eyes, this Glow in the Dark Owl Clock becomes even more bewitching at night as its eyes glow brightly in the dark!
Glow in the Dark Owl Clock

Keep your cool as you work to a deadline with the Desktop LED Clock Fan.
Desktop LED Clock Fan
Nurdy's are simply designed yet colourful and fun looking characters, the Nurdy Farm Clock is great to hang from the wall of your childs bedroom...
Nurdy Farm Clock
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Was £19.99 Now £10.00
Teach your child when to wake up and when to go back to sleep with the brilliant Kidsleep, using pictures it will tell your child if he/she should wake up or sleep...

Wake to the alarm, do your hair and check the time all in one, with the sleek looking Sound Sensor Mirror Clock...
Sound Sensor Mirror Alarm Clock
A fantastic gift for people who have to remember 500 things at once, just attach small messages to refresh your memory when you look at the time!
Skull Wall Clock Memo Board
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Was £14.99 Now £7.49
More Fast n Furious than your average Ford Fiesta, this very funky wall clock in a must for petrol heads!
Neon Rim Wall Clock Neon Rim Wall Clock