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A great selection of gift ideas for dining from fun items to table decorations. Fabulous dining gifts for foodie friends.

Make the most of your space and increase visibility in your home too with this stylish convex mirror.
Focalise Mirror
Nobody likes rings on their swanky coffee table but who really wants to ask their party guests to use a coaster? Face Mats will protect your stuff and get the party going, all at the same time
Face Mats
No animals were harmed in the making of this awesome hunting trophy style hippo wall light...
Retro Hippo Wall Light

Go disco and serve up your party drinks in these glam disco mirrorball drinking cups!
Disco Ball Drinking Cup
Rack up your party drinks in colourful Test Tube Shot glasses....
Test Tube Shots
Nintendo's Super Mario faces his hottest adventure yet as he features on this collectors edition heat change mug!
Super Mario Heat Change Mug

Forget everything you thought you knew about tea and prepare yourself for the ultimate indulgence...the scrumptious chocolate teapot!
Chocolate Teapot
Heat this mug and the iconic VW campervan on the outer reveals it's inner workings making it a must for enthusiasts...
VW Campervan Heat Change Mug
A charming set of breakfast bowls, coffee cups and accessories with a difference, each features an irresistibly cute facial expression portraying various emotions. A charming addition to your breakfast table, choose your mood from the Emotion Breakfast Set.
Emotion Coffee Cups and Breakfast Bowls

Fancy yourself as a bit of a party animal? So do these guys! Turn dinner time in to a wild occasion with these cool plates.
Wild Dining Plates
A sweet mug guaranteed to brighten your day, the Love Hearts heat change mug reveals a secret message when hot!
Love Hearts Heat Change Mug
Go from smiley to shouty and back again with animated 3D Motion Face Mats that put the arrrgggh! Into after dinner drinks....
3D Motion Face Coasters

Your imagination will get you into all kinds of trouble when you say what you see....
Say What You See Mugs
Gifts don't come much more retro than this Donkey Cruet Set. So tacky it's actually kind of awesome.
Retro Donkey Cruet Set
Give your table a little more sparkle with a table runner that has built in LED lights, complimenting any centrepiece or used alone to add some festive decoration
Led Table Runner

Make table decorations that are as cool as your drinks with the Nice Ice Cooler....
Ice Cooler
Leave dinner guests with no doubt as to which side of the vegetarian debate you fall and stun friends into shocked silence as you serve up lunch on the Let's Eat Pig Tray!
Lets Eat Pig Tray
Tea's a saviour? Tell us something we don't know! Nothing is more saintly to us Brits than a good cup of tea...
Jesus Mug - Tea's a Saviour

Go wild in the kitchen and pour precision measures of oils, vinegars, wines and spirits with Party Animal Bottle Pourers.
Party Animal Bottle Pourer
The super-organised will relish their reliability being celebrated with this seemingly innocent mug...until they make a brew and realise that the joke is on them!
A Perfect Twat Heat Change Mug
Let your man know he's in the dog house by serving up breakfast in this classic dog bowl style "MAN" bowl!
Man Bowl

Flumux them with the I'm a Tart Heat Change Mug. First impressions may have them questioning your choice of gift, but add hot liquid and all will be revealed!
I'm a Tart Heat Change Mug
Prepare for blushes around the dinner table as your guests have forgotten to dress for dinner!
Lapkins Napkins
Bottoms up! The Conundrum Wine Decanter is unique design featuring a 2 phase aeration and oxygenation system, bringing decanting to a whole new level. Now you just need a nice bottle and a couple of glasses.
Conundrum Wine Decanter

Go wild at your next drinks party and protect your stuff too! Party Animals drinks mats give you a whole range of hilarious animal faces that you can wear!
Face Mats Party Animals
The Caped Crusader helps you to fight crimes against the evil Doctor Dry Mouth with the glow in the dark Batman mug!
Batman Glow in the Dark Mug
Purrrrfect for serving snacks, Meow Cat Picks give feline style and character to your party foods...
Meow Cat Picks
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Was £8.99 Now £6.74

Send heartfelt birthday wishes that translate to something a little more risque once you add hot water.
Old as F*ck Heat Change Mug
A bunny for your honey - this sweet bunny shaped honey pot will store your honey until you are ready to use it on your toast, pancakes, waffles or even in your tea.
Hunny Bunny Honey Pot
Light your home with the cosy glow of candlelight, without the hazards of real flame.
9" LED Dinner Candles (2 Pack)

Time for tea! The white Bone China Teapot Lamp is a modern addition to any kitchen, or a quirky gift for friends and family.
Bone China Teapot Lamp (15700)
Don't risk people flouting the dress code. Provide your own swanky attire by means of napkin and they'll have no excuse not to comply.
Dress for Dinner Napkins
On first impressions it's just another 'Keep Calm' mug attempting to offer words of wisdom, however read between the lines and the message is a little more direct!
You Old Git Heat Change Mug

A superbly unique way to enjoy your whiskey "on the rocks"
On the Rock Glass
Take high tea and delight your guests with Tea Cupcakes for a tasty upper class treat! Bake yummy cupcakes and present them in elegant style!
Tea Cupcakes
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Was £14.99 Now £10.49
On first impression it looks like another cheesy slogan mug to clutter up the cupboard, but sometimes you need to read between the lines. Pour a brew and the slogan revealed might not be quite what they expected!
Old B*stard Heat Change Mug

Mouth blown glass vase with a centre detail resembling a droplet of water, the vase accepts a single stem...
Stem Vase
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Was £14.95 Now £11.21
A cool glowing jar that charges up from sunlight during the day and uses that stored energy to light up at night, this Sun Jar is a beautiful mood light...
Sun Jar - Suck Uk
This delightful bone china mug is ideal for any cat lover! Featuring a cute cat and bird design, this mug is ideal for curling up with a warm drink and your feline friend.
Cat And Bird China Mug
Save 50%
Was £7.99 Now £4.00

Cause a taste explosion with grenade salt and pepper shakers. Liven up your dinner table; grenade salt and pepper shakers give a new meaning to pass the salt!
Grenade Salt And Pepper Shakers
A hand crafted stainless steel vase to hold your favourite flower, the Flower Loop is a beautiful vase to decorate your home with.
Flower Loop With Lily
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Was £26.99 Now £18.89
Here's looking at you! These mischievous looking salt and pepper shakers feature fully blinking eyes! Max and Moritz Blinking Salt and Pepper Pots add instant charm to your dining table!
Max and Moritz Blinking Salt n Pepper Shakers

Cast enchanting shadows with flickering candlelight with the Moroccan inspired Lantern.
White Moroccan Metal Lantern (71053)
For the tea or coffee drinker with a strong stomach, these creepy crawly Bug Mugs come in fly or spider and might just put your off your tea break!
Bug Mugs
Enjoy a romantic hint of pink mood lighting with the Cherry Blossom Tree Timer Light. The perfect gift for lovers of all things pink and pretty.
Battery Operated Cherry Blossom Timer Lights

Bring some retro cheer to your table with this novelty Campervan shaped butter dish.
Campervan Butterdish Campervan Butterdish
A bright idea for presenting your party drinks, serve up long drinks in Edison Lightbulb Drinking Glasses....
Edison Lightbulb Drinking Glasses Edison Lightbulb Drinking Glasses
A heat reactive Lightsaber mug that will delight Star Wars fans!
Lightsaber Heat Changing Mug Lightsaber Heat Changing Mug

Rescue your food from bland obscurity and season with salt and pepper straight from the cat's ass!
The Cat's Ass Salt & Pepper Shaker The Cat's Ass Salt & Pepper Shaker
A cut above, these luxurious diamond shaped tumblers are the perfect shape for aerating your whiskey or brandy as you drink.
Diamond Glass (2 Pack) Diamond Glass (2 Pack)
Toilet gags and drinks at the ready with these comedy toilet shot glasses!
Toilet Shot Glasses Toilet Shot Glasses

Add a little sparkle to your kitchen or dining area and raise a glass to stylish lighting with the unique Vino Wine Glass Chandelier.
Vino Wine Glass Chandelier Vino Wine Glass Chandelier
You know that one colleague who is just a massive pain in the arse? Tell them, discreetly.
Asshole At Work Heat Change Mug Asshole At Work Heat Change Mug
Witness a lightsaber duel of epic proportions each and every time you take a sip from the Star Wars 3D Motion Mug
Star Wars 3D Motion Mug Star Wars 3D Motion Mug

Why spend any longer in denial, convincing yourself you're having ‘just the one glass’, then wasting precious time refilling throughout the evening. With the Giant Wine Glass, one glass is all you need.
Giant Wine Glass Giant Wine Glass