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Share a joke with funny gift ideas. A selection of funny gifts and unique products that will make a well remembered gift.

Nobody likes rings on their swanky coffee table but who really wants to ask their party guests to use a coaster? Face Mats will protect your stuff and get the party going, all at the same time
Face Mats
This Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure is perfect for paying homage to the crazy cat lady in your life. If they believe that no outfit is complete unless it's covered in cat hair, this is the gift for them!
Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure
Your imagination will get you into all kinds of trouble when you say what you see....
Say What You See Mugs

Weird and wrong but oh so cute.
Moustache Dummy
Insult your friends and family with this comedy drinking glass.
Dentures Water Glass
Protect your bathroom surfaces from the horror of stray beard hairs with the handy Beard Buddy.
Beard Buddy

No need to tolerate the gassy stink of your resident trumper, dose them with perfumed fart pills and they'll come up smelling of roses... or chocolate.... or gingerbread!
Perfumed Fart Pills
Send heartfelt birthday wishes that translate to something a little more risque once you add hot water.
Old as F*ck Heat Change Mug
A kooky Goatee Dummy for the little rock star in your life, this hilarious baby pacifier soothes baby and entertains grown ups with its' hilarious design!
Goatee Dummy

Why sit around when you can be practicing your putting! This Golf Toilet Set is a fantastic gift for golf fanatics to entertain themselves when they are on the toilet.
Golf Toilet Set
Hilarious masks with comedy timing, Moving Mouth Masks make fancy dress easy!
Moving Mouth Mask
A great scary practical joke...It's Alive!
Sound Activated Crawling Hand

Time on the loo can be time well spent honing your fishing skills when your play Hook, Line and Stinker!
Hook Line & Stinker
Make a mix and bust a move with the Disco Biscuits cookie cutter.
Disco Biscuit Cutter
Step into the Dry Side...
Darth Vader Poncho
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Was £5.99 Now £4.79

Take the selfie to beat all selfies with these hilarious comedy bandanas that transform your look in a flash!
Comedy Bandana
Add a little extra bulge to your middle with Muffin Tops. Fill them up and watch those love handles grow. Eat too many and muffins won't be the only thing expanding!
Muffin Tops
Made from luxurious combed cotton for softness, nylon for strength and a touch of spandex for long-lasting fun!
Blue Q Attitude Socks

Cheeky, stylish, sophisticated and charming Gentlemans shower Gel.
R-Swash Gentlemans Shower Gel
Say goodbye to self-help books, unused gym equipment, and costly pills and potions and say hello to peace of mind!
Instantly Accept That You're Ageing Breath Spray
The undead creepfest extends to your workspace with eerie glowing Working Dead keyboard stickers.
Working Dead Keyboard Stickers

Flumux them with the I'm a Tart Heat Change Mug. First impressions may have them questioning your choice of gift, but add hot liquid and all will be revealed!
I'm a Tart Heat Change Mug
Go from smiley to shouty and back again with animated 3D Motion Face Mats that put the arrrgggh! Into after dinner drinks....
3D Motion Face Coasters
For the Folically Challenged Gent!
Baldy's Buffer Brush

No need to get soaked to the bone when you have the X-Ray poncho to keep you dry with radiological style!
X-Ray Picture Poncho
Lazy Housekeeper Mop Slippers will revolutionise the way we clean, cleverly combining laziness with cleanliness in a way never seen before.
Lazy Housekeeper Mop Slippers
If you're going to have an emergency rain poncho, is might as well be a fun poncho and these Pac-Man Poncho's are two of the very best!
Pac-Man Ponchos (2 Pack)

An inspired hilarious gift that's guaranteed to give you a hand!
Man Hands
Being the keeper of a moustache brings with it great responsibility. The Moustache Etiquette Tea Towel is a lesson in moustache etiquette for the discerning gentleman.
Moustache Etiquette Tea Towel
Save 20%
Was £7.99 Now £6.40
The zombie apocalypse has hit your garden and life as we know it is no more as your garden gnomes become dead men walking!
Glow Zombie Gnome Crawler

Go wild at your next drinks party and protect your stuff too! Party Animals drinks mats give you a whole range of hilarious animal faces that you can wear!
Face Mats Party Animals
He shoots, he scores! Give a red card to boredom when you're on the loo and test your skills with a game of Toilet Football!
Toilet Football
Leave dinner guests with no doubt as to which side of the vegetarian debate you fall and stun friends into shocked silence as you serve up lunch on the Let's Eat Pig Tray!
Lets Eat Pig Tray
Save 25%
Was £10.99 Now £8.24

Wait for the double take when they clock this creepy Hand Shaped Soap on the side of the sink.
Hand Shaped Soap
A faithful dashboard companion and an ally in your battle against witless road users and pointless pedestrians.
Dashboard Wigglers
A simple dressing up game brought to you by the makers of Face Mats, Who Am I? see's you guessing your character with hilarious results!
Who Am I? Face Mats

Let the big baldy in your life reminisce about that time he had hair, with this heat sensitive retro mug.
Big Baldy Heat Change Mug
Save 20%
Was £4.86 Now £3.89
The LED keyring torch is not just incredibly cute, but very handy too. We think it puts other keyrings to shame!
Cone of Shame LED Keyring Torch
Rehearse fail safe evacuation plans for the zombie apocalypse, replicating the flesh consuming undead with Glow Zombie Finger Puppets.
Glow Zombie Finger Puppets (5 Pack)

Cut through acrid cheese-fouled air with the strength of ten men using a quick spritz of the Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist.
Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist
Save 20%
Was £7.99 Now £6.40
A hilarious baby pacifier to help soothe your child, the Hot Lips Dummy gives baby an instant full pout of red hot lips! Calm baby and give yourself a chuckle at the same time!
Hot Lips Dummy
They smell good, they're fun to cuddle...but why do they name their penises? Understand men instantly with this revolutionary breath spray.
Understand Men Breath Spray

These balls won't improve your golfing abilities but they will certainly add some interest - crazy golf anyone?
Joke Golf Balls
A fun and comfortable gift for any golfer.
Golf Slippers
Don the Gentlemans Disguise and instantly command the respect a person of your stature deserves
Gentlemans Disguise

On first impression it looks like another cheesy slogan mug to clutter up the cupboard, but sometimes you need to read between the lines. Pour a brew and the slogan revealed might not be quite what they expected!
Old B*stard Heat Change Mug
Calm down! Calm down! This Scouse Tea Towel features a plethora of the very best (and slightly ironic) sayings and expressions from our friends in Merseyside.
Scouse Tea Towel
My, what beautiful teeth your baby has! Put a smile on your baby'’s face with Fun Dummies. Kids love dummies, and you'’ll love them too because these dummies come complete with toothy grins and vampire teeth; …you get the idea!
Fun Dummies

The perfect gift for a typically British sense of humour the Solar Queen waves her famous wave when exposed to sunlight. A fabulous way to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee!
Solar Queen
On first impressions it's just another 'Keep Calm' mug attempting to offer words of wisdom, however read between the lines and the message is a little more direct!
You Old Git Heat Change Mug
Perfect for the cat lady in your life, just one quick wash with this pungent Cat Food scented soap will attract all cats in the surrounding area.
Crazy Cat Lady Soap

For the tea or coffee drinker with a strong stomach, these creepy crawly Bug Mugs come in fly or spider and might just put your off your tea break!
Bug Mugs
Toilet gags and drinks at the ready with these comedy toilet shot glasses!
Toilet Shot Glasses
The super-organised will relish their reliability being celebrated with this seemingly innocent mug...until they make a brew and realise that the joke is on them!
A Perfect Twat Heat Change Mug

A colourful selection of bacteria soap cleverly created in a petri specimen dish. Whatever next??
Bacteria Soap in Petri Dish (4 Pack)
Hilarious inflatable costumes, blow themselves up in moments for an instant party hit! Dress up as a cowboy in seconds!
Inflatable Costumes
Save 40%
Was £29.95 Now £17.99
Make mornings a little more dramatic and take a wake up call from your Secret Agent Alarm Clock! This unusual alarm clock projects the time when your pull the trigger and vibrates to wake you up!
Secret Agent Alarm Clock

When the office toss pot becomes too much to handle, take out your frustrations on this heavyweight hole punch.
Hole Punch
With a Superhero Lounger you can kick back on the sofa and convince yourself that you’re actually a caped crusader taking a breather. Available in Batman or Superman design.
Superhero Loungers
Messy hair went out with the dinosaurs, so how fitting that the Bonehead Brush Set will preen your locks with prehistoric precision.
Bonehead Brush Set

The Alternative hand bag with fun slogans, Bumbag, Ratbag, or Gasbag.
No it isn't just your eyes, or the effect of those last eight pints, the images on these poker sized playing cards really are moving!
3D Lenticular Beer Playing Cards
Save 25%
Was £7.99 Now £5.99
If the stains in your briefs are that vile they could walk themselves to the wash basket, they're the last place a burglar is going to look for valuables.
Security Briefs

Dressing a baby as a piglet may be a little wrong but it's also incredibly amusing.
Lil Piglet Dummy & Headband Set
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the vainest of them all? Whoever they are, one look in the Fart Face Mirror will soon wipe the smile off their pretty little face.
Fart Face Mirror
Give your aging loved ones something to look forward to with these hilarious Old Age Silly Gifts!
Old Age Silly Gifts

For the aged man who likes to see life from a different view, a highly amusing and fun walking stick made from high quality wood!
Dirty Old Mans Walking Stick
Having breakfast and flossing are two equally important activities to start your day with, so combining both is little short of sheer ingenuity.
Breakfast Floss
Amaze friends and horrify family with this incredible memory enhancing breath spray.
Instantly Remember Breath Spray

Get a "tache" for all occasions and change your look without waiting to grow your facial hair with hilarious Noteable Moustaches.
Noteable Moustaches
An amusing cigarette dispenser that you fill up and eject cigarettes from the donkey's behind. Can hold 24 regular sized cigarettes.
Smoking Donkey
Let your man know he's in the dog house by serving up breakfast in this classic dog bowl style "MAN" bowl!
Man Bowl

Turn your boring shirt into one that will stand out from the crowd with 'dog-end' cufflinks- with a dogs face on the front and his rear end at the back.
Dog-end Cufflinks
Save 40%
Was £4.99 Now £2.99
A pack of pets as you've never seen them before! Fifty three 3D pets are poised to play on these poker sized playing cards. Sure to be a hit with dog and cat lovers of all ages!
3D Lenticular Pet Playing Cards
A shimmering, shiny lip gloss, the Complete and Utter Glosser is a fruity Pina Colada flavoured lip gloss for gorgeous, kissable lips!
Complete Utter Glosser Lipgloss

A realistic looking tongue that will have your friends laughing and gasping when you blow it up like a balloon!
Inflatable Tongue
Dramatically change your appearance for a very toothy look with hilarious Dental Disasters Fake Teeth. A pack of four hilarious teeth that fit over yours for an altogether goofy appearance!
Dental Disasters Fake Teeth
Ahoy there it's time to walk the plank and dive into a warm bubble bath or steaming shower, and with any luck you will be washed ashore on treasure island...
Pirate Ducky Gift Bag

Stop those Pen thieves once and for all!
Electric Shock Pen
Give the sound on your iPhone 4 a boost by up to thirteen decibels with this hilarious old fashioned ear horn!
Horn for iPhone 4
Save 90%
Was £14.99 Now £1.49
Available in Grumpy Old Git, Old Fart, and Socks Drugs n Rock n Roll
Silly Message Socks

Get your geek on in this hilarious Geek Set complete with heavy framed glasses and wonky teeth!
Geek Set
Save 25%
Was £5.99 Now £4.49
Instant itch relief and handy desk ruler in one handy tool, the Back Scratcher Ruler reaches those hard to reach places and provides measurement too, making it THE must have desk accessory!
Back Scratcher Ruler
A highly amusing Inflatable Zimmer Frame to give to that special old-timer in your life. Great for teasing people who say they are getting old!
Inflatable Zimmer Frame

Patch up your little cutlass wounds with these awesome Pirate Bandages. Sterilised and latex-free these bandages come in different sizes and shapes...
Pirate Plasters
Save 68%
Was £2.95 Now £0.95
As the years advance and the number of candles on the cake increases substantially, so too does the fire hazard. Enter the Birthday Candle Fire Extinguisher....
Birthday Candle Fire Extinguisher
Get your own back on lighter thieves!
Electric Shock Lighter

Santa's sack is full of surprises at Christmas, however none quite as surprising as the moment you greet your family and friends in little more than a slither of red spandex and a furry Santa hat.
A His and Hers Dress up set of Silly Specs
His & Hers Instant Weirdo Glasses
The handy ‘grab & go’ underpants dispenser will be there for you in an emergency.
Emergency Underpant Dispenser Emergency Underpant Dispenser

One of the funniest kitchen gadgets of all time...and also one of the most disgusting!
Bogey Man Egg Separator Bogey Man Egg Separator
Change the way you perceive your declining hairline and embrace your balding bonce with Tattoupees; who says blondes have all the fun?
Tattoupees Tattoupees
Don't let periods cramp your style!
Vinnie's Tampon Case Vinnie's Tampon Case

A naughty gnome with an eye for the birds, fill his pants with seed and birds will come flocking!
Nibble My Bits Bird Feeder Nibble My Bits Bird Feeder
Why spend any longer in denial, convincing yourself you're having ‘just the one glass’, then wasting precious time refilling throughout the evening. With the Giant Wine Glass, one glass is all you need.
Giant Wine Glass Giant Wine Glass
Give baldies a boost with a full head of shiny black hair! The Inflatable Toupee is the ideal gift for the follically challenged man in your life!
Inflatable Toupee Inflatable Toupee

The vertically challenged need no longer feel quite so challenged achieving instant height and confidence with Look Taller Shoe Lifts.
Look Taller Shoe Lifts Look Taller Shoe Lifts
Can you become the sharpest shooter in the bath?
Tin Can Alley Tin Can Alley
You know that one colleague who is just a massive pain in the arse? Tell them, discreetly.
Asshole At Work Heat Change Mug Asshole At Work Heat Change Mug

A world away from your friendly neighbourhood gnome, the Solar Ninja Gnome leaves Big Ears and pals in the shade with his stealthy black outfit and frightful light up stare!
Solar Ninja Gnome Solar Ninja Gnome