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Light Gadgets

Fun little gadgets that either use light or illuminate for maximum practical use and enjoyment.

With high quality sounds and pulsing colourful LEDs, this Akai Vibes bluetooth LED speaker gives an awesome sensory experience!
Akai Vibes Bluetooth LED Speaker
Fall into an endless tunnel of pulsing light when you play your favourite tunes through Infinity Mirror Speakers!
Infinity Mirror Speakers
Enlighten your current constructions or build whole light up worlds with Light Stax light up building blocks.
Light Stax Building Blocks

Fun bike safety for kids, Mini Hornit shines super bright light and has a whole range of hilarious sound effects to alert road and path users to you.
Mini Hornit Light & Sound
Become a regular James Bond complete with handy gadgets and all, as all is not as it seems with the Ultimate Geek Pen....
Ultimate Geek Pen
Speed demons will love the Fuze Wheel Writer, lighting up the night with funky images and animations.
Fuze Wheel Writer

With party tunes and colourful light all from one handy little amp, the party amp is all you need for instant party atmosphere!
Party Amp
Blast out your favourite tunes and project sound reactive colourful mod lighting all from one funky speaker that compatible with most smartphones and tablets.
Prism Projection Speaker
Mood lighting doesn't get any more magical than from the Dream Fairy Jar. Twinkling white LED's shine from within a charming glass jar for a little enchantment at night.
Dream Fairy Jar

Your iPhone 5 or 5s will come alive every time you receive a call or text with the protective iLight iPhone 5 case.
iLight Phone Case for iPhone 5 SE
A must have gadget for pockets and handbags everywhere, the GO3 LED Smart Pen is a 3in1 pen that can even be used with today's tech.
GO3 LED Smart Pen
Don't venture into the wilderness without a WakaWaka Power solar light and charger! A highly efficient, compact solar light that gives up to eighty hours of light and even charges your gadgets too!
WakaWaka Power Black

Technology fiends and gadget lovers will go crazy for the LED Clock Fan.
LED Clock Fan
Give your adventurous friends and family the gift of clean drinking water when they're out on adventures! The Steripen Freedom Solar & USB UV water purifier gives the ability to have clean, sterile drinking water anywhere in the world!
Steripen Freedom Solar & USB
Put Blink Keyz on your keyring and put a stop to all the effing and blinding while you fumble in your bag because you've lost you keys again.
Blink Keyz

Trick out any bike with the Fuze Gyro Glow, a wicked wheel mounted light unit that creates funky, multi-coloured spirals of light as you pedal.
Fuze Gyro Flasher
This weatherproof glowing LED orb fits onto your keyring and is simple to use, has a multitude of various settings...
Droplit/spotlit Led Keyring
Fun, funky and high visibility See'ems Bike Spoke Lites create bright circles of light as you ride to make sure that you're seen at night!
Nite Ize See'ems Spoke Lite (2 Pack)

Put an end to stumbling around in the dark with Mr Beams Motion Sensitive Light. This handy little number can be placed anywhere and detects motion so that you’ll always have light just when you need it most.
Mr Beam PIR Anywhere Light
No batteries needed, these glow in the dark keyrings can glow for 10 years...
Glow Rings
Take the guesswork out of nipping to the loo in the night with the Loo Light Lav Nav. Loo Light detects you approaching the loo and lights up the seat for you.
Lav Nav

A super cute book light with real retro appeal, the Tiny Tim Retro Book Light illuminates your page and will clip onto your book or sit by your laptop to provide adjustable light in just the right place.
Tiny Tim Retro Book Light
Anyone who's music mad will love Blink Budz - motion activated earphones with blinking LED's, keeping you looking cool even when the darkness hits.
Blink Budz
Great iPhone 4/4s Protective case with added features.
iPhone 4 & 4s Macro Lens & Spotlight
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Was £12.95 Now £7.99

As technology improves and thieves get smarter, it’s getting harder and harder to identify fraudulent bank notes. The UV blacklight bank note checker highlights the watermark in banknotes confirming their authenticity.
Uv Bank Note Checker
Fabulous retro chic, the Space Invaders LED Keychain not only looks cool but lights your way too!
Space Invaders LED Keychain
Write with a constant blue light aiding you in the dark, this crazy pen is very bright and can help you write at night or just look visually cool...
Led Light Up Pen
As low as £0.78 each

The card sized reading helper with light is ideal to slip in your purse or wallet, perfect for those occasions when you need easy to use magnification and illumination on the move.
Credit Card Reading Helper
Bring out your colourful side with the retro gadget that we all know and love illuminating your rude "pinpressions"!
Light Up Pin Art
Charge the WakaWaka Solar Light in even the lowest of light conditions for up to eighty hours of light! A fantastic portable solar light that's highly efficient and ideal for outdoors excursions and emergencies.
WakaWaka Light Yellow

Enjoy a mesmerising electrical light show that reacts to your music with this USB Plasma Bluetooth Speaker...
Plasma Bluetooth Speaker Plasma Bluetooth Speaker
The drummer becomes the star of the show when they use incredible Light Up Drumsticks!
Light Up Drumsticks Light Up Drumsticks