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A diverse range of gift ideas for kids from role play & cuddly toys, to remote-control helicopters & games.

With candy stripes and rainbows, this Unicorn Candle Holder adds a touch of magic to your birthday cake!
Unicorn Candle Holder
Create your own bouncy balls with flashing centres and colourful layered designs with this handy kit....
Make Your Own Flashing Bouncy Ball
Almost too cute to burn, this mystical unicorn candle melts into a rainbow of colour!
Colour Melting Unicorn Candle

If you like unicorns then you'll love this fab mood light. It doesn't poop rainbows, but it does light up with a magical colour change!
Unicorn Moodlight
My, what beautiful teeth your baby has! Put a smile on your baby'’s face with Fun Dummies. Kids love dummies, and you'’ll love them too because these dummies come complete with toothy grins and vampire teeth; …you get the idea!
Fun Dummies
Make your life a movie and celebrate your favourite scenes illuminated by this Clapperboard Light Box!
Light Up Clapperboard

Fall into an endless tunnel of pulsing light when you play your favourite tunes through Infinity Mirror Speakers!
Infinity Mirror Speakers
Weird and wrong but oh so cute.
Moustache Dummy
Vanquish evil villains and fight crimes against boring lighting with these incredible 3D FX Marvel Night Lights.
3D FX Marvel Lights

An adorable night light that little ones can love and hug, this light up teddy bear has super soft fur and soothing glow.
Light Up Blushing Teddy Bear
One fearsome roar from your T-Rex room guard and unwanted guests will turn and run! A roarsome prehistoric guard dino that projects impressive dino images too!
T-Rex Projector & Room Guard
Ward off the evils of boring lighting and see off "the big light" with Superman and Batman Look-Alite mood lights!
Look-Alite Superhero

The (light) force is strong in these two lamps! Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper get a kooky new makeover to become funky Look-Alite Star Wars mood lights.
Look-Alite Star Wars
An enchanting mermaid swims, dances and dives in her enchanting water wonderland in the Magical Mermaid Set.
My Magical Mermaid Set
Easy to keep, realistic and mesmerising, Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 is even better than a real pet fish and comes with its own bowl too!
Aquabot Bowl and LED Fish

All the fun of an aquarium without the need to feed or clean, submerge Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 in water and watch as they swim, dip and dive in all directions.
Aquabot LED Fish (Single)
Enlighten your current constructions or build whole light up worlds with Light Stax light up building blocks.
Light Stax Building Blocks
Add this adorable owl keychain light to your keys and this friendly little owl will give you just enough light to guide you to your keyhole in the dark!
Owl Keychain Light

Signal your favourite robots in disguise and transform your room with 3D FX Transformers Shield wall lights!
3D FX Transformer Shields
You don't need a telescope to enjoy the wonders of our solar system with these striking glow in the dark posters. Available in the Moon or Jupiter.
Glow in the Dark Posters
Fun bike safety for kids, Mini Hornit shines super bright light and has a whole range of hilarious sound effects to alert road and path users to you.
Mini Hornit Light & Sound

Lightning strikes in this incredible retro interactive light show as you control light with your very own hands!
8" Magic Plasma Ball
Put down the gaming control and pick up the Cool Circuits Light Puzzle for the ultimate mind bending challenge!
Cool Circuits Light Puzzle
Twinkle, twinkle little star... A pack of forty glow in the dark stars in various colours and trimmed with glitter for extra sparkle.
Colourful Twinkling Glow Stars

The Caped Crusader helps you to fight crimes against the evil Doctor Dry Mouth with the glow in the dark Batman mug!
Batman Glow in the Dark Mug
Broken by extra early mornings and sleep deprivation from your toddler? Break their routine with a Momo Monkey Sleep Trainer clock.
Sleep Trainer Momo Monkey
Feel the power of the Darkside as the most iconic movie bad guy of all time Darth Vader crashes through your wall….
3D FX Star Wars Darth Vader

Love this light you will….Star Wars Master Yoda crashes through your wall shining light into your room!
3D FX Star Wars Yoda
A fairground classic to turn bathtime into a carnival, Hook a Duck in the bath and win a prize every time!
Hook A Duck Bath Game
With energy ray light effects and flying combat sounds, Iron Man comes to life in your room with this impressive Wild Wall!
Wild Walls Iron Man

Take a walk on the wildside with a safari adventure every night with Wild Walls light and sounds wallscapes.
Wild Walls Safari Adventure
A large shark and sealife creatures come to life in your room animated with underwater light wave effects and undersea sounds.
Wild Walls Shark Encounter
Signal the Caped Crusader or simply enjoy the subtle lighting from the iconic Bat signal with the Batman Eclipse Light.
Batman Eclipse Light

Squeeze pocket sized squidgy Micro Lites for white light! Available in Minions, Frozen's Olaf and My Little Pony!
Micro Lites
Keep kids on the go cosy warm and snuggly with glow snuggle wrap blankets.
Glow Snuggle Wraps
A super soft, super stretchy friend that dances and moves when you do Stretchkins Pink Cat encourages movement and snuggles too!
Stretchkins Pink Cat

A squeezable balloon pal that won't pop or float away, the Balloon Dog Lamp brightens your room with a warm, comforting glow.
Balloon Dog Lamp
With its bold red design and iconic looks, this kooky retro VW Campervan puzzle is a must for hippies at heart and children of the 60's.
Build Your Own Campervan
Blast out your favourite tunes and project sound reactive colourful mod lighting all from one funky speaker that compatible with most smartphones and tablets.
Prism Projection Speaker

Don't even think about tackling the end of the world with out a good hearty breakfast....
Zombie Eggpocalypse Egg Cup Set
Frozen's Olaf shines a light on the subject with this cute pocket torch featuring everyone's favourite snowman!
Frozen Olaf Flashlight
No self respecting Star Wars geek would be without the incredible planet destroying Death Star mood light!
Star Wars Death Star Mood Light

Star Wars favourite C-3PO appears to have crashed through your wall shining light into your room.
Darth Vader's elite army are missing a Stormtrooper! An iconic Stormtrooper helmet appears to have crashed through your wall shining light into your room!
3D FX Stormtrooper
Hans Solo's Millennium Falcon crashes through your wall leaving flames in its wake and lighting your room!
3D FX Millennium Falcon

Feel the Darkside of the Force as new Star Wars bad guy Kylo Ren smashes through your wall shining light into your room!
3D FX Kylo Ren
Step into the Dry Side...
Darth Vader Poncho
The must have money box for Guinea Pig lovers....
Guinea Piggy Bank

Cuddle up to a cosy Minion on cold winter nights for warm hugs and soothing scents.
Microwaveable Minions
Holy crabby patties! Spongebob Squarepants crashes through your wall to shine light into your room!
3D FX Spongebob Squarepants
Jedi Master Yoda defends you from the Darkside as he becomes a subtle mood light.
Look-Alite Yoda
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Was £19.99 Now £13.39

Customise your very own mood light with colourful pens and pay homage to your nearest and dearest with kooky designs!
Look-Alite DIY
Bright yellow lava flows in clear fluid to give the Dark Knight a very groovy makeover!
Batman Lava Lamp
As mesmerising as the Man of Steel's stare, this funky Superman Lava Lamp features groovy red lava!
Superman Lava Lamp

A soft and squidgy Spiderman Soft Pal night light for young Spiderman fans to take to bed for extra reassurance at night.
Spiderman Soft Pal
Squirt colourful water for a fun flame effect from the mouth of this adorable light up bath dragon!
Tomy Light Up Bath Dragon
With high quality sounds and pulsing colourful LEDs, this Akai Vibes bluetooth LED speaker gives an awesome sensory experience!
Akai Vibes Bluetooth LED Speaker

These very funky glow in the dark notebooks make putting pen to paper way more funky than your note taking smartphone app!
Glow in the Dark Notebook
Create a solar system design that glows night after night with these 3D glow in the dark planet stickers!
3D Glow in the Dark Planets
Turn your room into an enchanting world packed with fairies and unicorns with this sweet projector torch.
My Very Own Fairy and Unicorn Projector Torch

An adorable bunny for night and day, Lamaze Sonny the Glow Bunny aids baby's development with vision, sound and touch.
Lamaze Sonny the Glow Bunny
Bedtime becomes a hoot with this adorable snuggly owl that soothes little ones with a soft glow and a lullaby.
Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Owl
Nintendo's Super Mario faces his hottest adventure yet as he features on this collectors edition heat change mug!
Super Mario Heat Change Mug

Relax, put your feet up and let Marvels Avengers take over as they're revealed on this heat change mug....
Marvel Heat Change Mug
The Man of Steel is illuminated with a bright white glow fending off the darkness in your room...
DC Comics Superman Hero Light
There's nothing to fear in the dark as Superman turns his powers to funky room lighting with this Superman logo light...
Superman Logo Light

An iconic image of Batman is lit by bright white LEDs to make a very cool moodlight...
DC Comics Batman Hero Light
With party tunes and colourful light all from one handy little amp, the party amp is all you need for instant party atmosphere!
Party Amp
Whether you're relaxing in the tub or encouraging kids to bathe, this adorable dolphin bath plug lights up and changes colour!
Dolphin Bath Plug Moodlight

Your favourite woodland animals get the origami treatment in these distinctive and sweet table lamps.
Origami Lamp Animal
Whirl, twirl and perform endless tricks leaving trails of red light with the light up yoyo!
Light Up YoYo
With bold colours and vintage British style, this Retro London Bus Light illuminates your space with a gentle glow.
Retro London Bus Light

Cast a warm, inviting glow into your room for a relaxed atmosphere with the retro red camper van light.
Retro Red Camper Light
Keep your secrets safe from sneaky snoopers with the Secret Spy Message Kit!
Secret Spy Message Kit
Light as air and bouncy too, the flashing balloon ball can be inflated up to 25cm!
Flashing Balloon Ball

Dino mad kids will love this Retro T-Rex that glows from his belly to make a roarsome night light!
Retro T-Rex Light
The Caped Crusader saves the day shining light in the dark with this mini Look-Alite keyring torch.
Batman Clip-On Mini Look-Alite
Take a trip down memory lane to where your love of football began with this Subbuteo football mood light!
Subbuteo Moodlight

Vibrant colour and a unique design combine to make striking light projections from the Polychrome Bulb Light.
Polychrome Bulb Light
Up your Jedi credentials with this handy R2-D2 writing pen that also projects the image of Princess Leia from Episode 4!
Star Wars R2-D2 Projector Pen
Just the gift for would be Space Rangers, kids will love this retro styled space gun with lights and sounds!
Light & Sound Toy Ray Gun

A sweet sound reactive customisable robot night light to comfort kids with a warm white glow.
Roboglow Night Light
Go disco and serve up your party drinks in these glam disco mirrorball drinking cups!
Disco Ball Drinking Cup
With vibrant orange lava and a backdrop of blue fluid, this funky lava lamp embraces 1960's chic!
Lava Lamp Orange/Blue

A sparkling mood lamp filled with glitter stars and illuminated by colour change light or cosmic effects!
Star Vortex Lamp
Kids love dinosaurs, and kids will love this quirky Brontosaurus lamp that will fill their room with a cosy glow at night.
Retro Brontosaurus Lamp
A cuddle, a snuggle and a colourful light show, Glow Pals Cuddle Cushions are ideal for soothing little ones at night.
Cuddle Cushions

Create eerie worlds that glow in the dark with soft mouldable Sands Alive Glow Volcano World!
Sands Alive Glow Volcano
Enjoy warm and soothing hugs on cold winter nights with this adorable Microwaveable Chihuahua.
Cozy Pet Chico Microwave Chihuahua
What could be better on cold winter nights than a warming hug from this sweet Pug puppy?
Cozy Pet Pugsy Microwave Pug

Just one bounce is all it takes to set off the most hilarious jiggling, giggling, bouncing display from the unpredictable Bobble Ball!
Blink Bobble Ball
Illuminated by a white LED, this portable Stormtrooper Lamp has a 15 minute timer function.
Stormtrooper Portable Lamp
Contrasting colour is revealed whenever you handle this hard backed notebook, giving a hot magenta hue to the deep black cover....
Thermo Notes

A must for parties, the Candy Floss Maker lets you enjoy the ultimate nostalgic treat without coming into contact with a fairground full of greasy teenagers.
Candy Floss Maker
The Campervan remains hugely popular with young and old alike - and you're never too old to appreciate a remote controlled version.
Real Remote Controlled Campervan
Scoff your sarnies in style this summer on the charming Bear Picnic Blanket.
Bear Picnic Blanket

Connect with friends and family wherever they are in the world with Toy-Fi Teddy, an adorable teddy bear that will record and receive your personal messages.
Toy-fi Teddy
Illuminate story times and peaceful slumbers with the Big Bear Light. This teddy bear design lamp and night light features five different colour modes.
Big Bear Light
Little ones will fall in love with the adorable Hungry Bunny. He'll soothe them to sleep and join them wherever they go.
Hungry Bunny Nightlight

Horse and pony fans will love the Horse Torch & Projector; a pocket sized LED torch which projects beautiful horse and pony images
Horse Torch & Projector
With a heart that beats gently and glows softly from within their soft furry tums, these beautiful Beating Heart Glow Cuddles Bears will quickly become your child's favourite bedtime buddy.
Cloud B Beating Heart Glow Cuddles Bear
The classic gaming ghosts of Pac-Man make a colourful come back in light in the Pac-Man Ghost Mood Light.
Pac-Man Ghost Light

Bring out your colourful side with the retro gadget that we all know and love illuminating your rude "pinpressions"!
Light Up Pin Art
Just because nobody's ever seen one, doesn't mean that unicorns aren't real, and this magical unicorn lamp will tide you over until somebody discovers the real deal!
Retro Unicorn Light
Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go projects an ocean scene in blue and green, comforting children to sleep wherever they lay their head.
Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go

The angular appearance of this modern rhino lamp is softened by a warm white LED for a cosy glow.
Origami Lamp White Rhino
Unlike any remote control car you’ve seen before, the Stunt Racer 360 will blow you away. Light it up and watch it go, as it transforms into an incredible stunt car, with 360 degree spins creating an awesome light show!
Stunt Racer 360
Sleep deprived parents will love this cuddly turtle night light almost as much as their kids will!
Dream Gazer Turtle

Shine the Bat signal from your room to call the Caped Crusader as you bask in the relaxing yellow glow....
Batman Bat Signal Projection Light
DC Comic's Harley Quinn becomes your sidekick giving light just when you need it most with this kooky Lego keyring torch.
Lego Harley Quinn Keyring Torch
Shine the Bat signal in times of trouble and the Caped Crusader may not come, but you'll have just enough light to shine in emergencies.
Batman Projection Torch

Keep the chocolate this Easter and try an Easter egg hunt in the dark with four colour change egg mood lights!
Light Up Colour Changing Egg (4 Pack)
Super sweet with an inner glow, this Retro Pug Light make an adorable lighting feature in your home.
Retro Pug Light
The stunning effects of the Northern Lights are recreated with glitter in this stunning Colourmax lava lamp.
Lava Lamp Northern Lights Colourmax

This bright owl torch will light the way on outdoor explorations and camping trips. Perfect for little explorers!
Owl LED Crank Light Torch
Cuddle up to Charley the Chameleon for a soothing bedtime with colourful lights and soothing tropical sounds.
Cloud B Charley the Chameleon
Turn all walks of life into a real life arcade experience with the incredible Laser Tag Shooting Game....
Laser Tag Shooting Game

These sturdy origami dino's are all you need to add character and a warm glow to your kids room...
Origami Lamp Dinosaur
Bright and bold Blink Time Watches display the time with just one touch. Striking arm candy, these colourful silicone watches have date and time functions and look fantastic day and night.
Blink Time Watches
The lava lamp remains the epitome of retro cool and this impressive premier version will leave smaller versions in the shade!
Premier Lavalamp

Sit back and watch a battle for the galaxy take place inside this Star Wars mood light with ever moving Tie Fighter and X-Wing pieces!
Star Wars Galaxy Battle Light
Play indoors, outdoors and even in the dark with a glow in the dark ball that's as light as air!
Glow in the Dark Balloon Ball
Dog lovers will adore this sweet Yorkshire Terrier lamp that's lit by a warm white LED for a cosy glow.
Retro Yorkshire Terrier Lamp

Messy hair went out with the dinosaurs, so how fitting that the Bonehead Brush Set will preen your locks with prehistoric precision.
Bonehead Brush Set
Let The Joker light your room with his twisted smile and super-bright LED light.
Lego Joker Nightlight
Confuse the elderly and entertain small children, as they try to convince everyone that they aren't mad and the animals on the wall are moving!
Moving Woodland Animals Picture

Light your way with the DC Lego Super Hero Keyring Light. You're never too old to have a comic book legend guarding your keys!
DC Lego Super Hero Keyring Lights
Light your room with a zoo of wild animals, projected up to one metre wide from the two-in-one Animal Torch & Projector.
Animal Torch & Projector
Design your own t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories with the brilliant Tulip Neon Fabric Paint Set. Excellent fun, this pack contains six different colours and is an ideal start to designing your own clothes and homewares!
Tulip Neon Fabric Paint Set (6 Pack)

Fabulous retro chic, the Space Invaders LED Keychain not only looks cool but lights your way too!
Space Invaders LED Keychain
A pack of pets as you've never seen them before! Fifty three 3D pets are poised to play on these poker sized playing cards. Sure to be a hit with dog and cat lovers of all ages!
3D Lenticular Pet Playing Cards
A whole space fleet of robots in one cool toy, the Solar Space Station Robot 7 in 1 makes seven space toys with fully moving parts that are powered by the sun.
Solar Space Fleet Robot 7 in 1

Cast soft light into your room from the energy efficient Suck UK Bunny Lamp. A charming table lamp or night light that will be adored by kids and adults alike.
Suck UK Bunny Lamp
A charming companion to help reassure your child at night, this Little Baby Bunny Night Light casts a warm white glow to comfort your child and help alleviate fears of the dark.
Little Baby Bunny Nightlight
Shine bright white light from these charming Kids Animal Headlights and make the dark an adventure! Children's head torches available as three cool creatures, kids will love these cute animal characters that enable them to play in the dark.
Kids Animal Headlights

A spooky glowing wall decoration for your child's room, this Glow Human Skeleton Sticker casts an eerie glow in the dark. A fun decoration for kids rooms and brilliant for Halloween!
Glow Human Skeleton Sticker
Turn your child's room into a universe of glowing stars, shuttles and satellites with Glow Spacecraft Stickers. Self adhesive glow in the dark stickers with a spacecraft theme ar eperfect for kids bedrooms.
Glow Spacecraft Stickers
A quirky wall clock featuring a charming owl with mesmerising eyes, this Glow in the Dark Owl Clock becomes even more bewitching at night as its eyes glow brightly in the dark!
Glow in the Dark Owl Clock

Encourage exploration of the dark with a cute Mole Miner Keyring Torch. Kids and adults will love this fab keyring torch that's small enough to fit in little pockets, bags or on your keys for emergency light!
Mole Miner Keyring
Play with light and make colourful patterns that rotate with and shine throughout your room with a crystal Standing Rainbow Maker.
Standing Rainbow Maker
These playful goldfish stringlights are a colourful, fun light feature for any child’s room. Get decorative and cast a warm and cosy glow.
Goldfish Stringlights

The awesome 3D FX Car Deco Light is the ideal nightlight for car-mad kids. LED headlights glow as the shiny cars crash through the wall.
3D FX Car Decoration Light
Throw some light at the situation with the 3D FX Sports Ball Deco Light. Available in tennis ball or hockey puck design, these cool cordless lights are just what you need for brightening any themed room.
3D FX Sports Wall Decoration Light
Trick out any bike with the Fuze Gyro Glow, a wicked wheel mounted light unit that creates funky, multi-coloured spirals of light as you pedal.
Fuze Gyro Flasher

If anyone knows a bit about protecting the universe (or bedroom, playroom or desk) it’s Yoda, and the LEGO Yoda LED Desk Lamp will do just that.
Lego Yoda LED Desk Lamp
Kids will adore these Rabbit String Lights, a set of sixteen adorable grey rabbits that cast a soft, magical glow around the room.
Rabbits Stringlights
This little piggy went wee, wee, wee, wee…all the way into the microwave, where it warmed up and released a lovely lavender scent, making it just perfect to cuddle up with on a cold winters night. Also available in cute Cream Cow design.
Microwaveable Knitted Warmers

Prepare to be amazed as the Aurora Lights Projector casts a stunning aurora light show around the room.
Aurora Lights Projector
Inject some retro chic with the fab Classic Lava Lamp. Forever a design icon, this funky lava lamp will attract endless attention.
Classic Lava Lamp
Pop this adorable Hooty Owl in a microwave for a couple of minutes for a snuggly warm companion. Choose from Pink or Brown Furry Owl, or Floral Patchwork Owl designs.
Microwaveable Hooty Owls

These sweet Smurf Keylight Torches, with their bright eyes and smiling faces, will be loved by Smurf fans of all ages. Available in Smurf or Smurfette design.
Smurfs Keyring Torches
Funky fork and spoon for your kids to enjoy, the Flop Tops will make children giggle as they tuck into their food...
Flop Tops Cutlery
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Was £11.95 Now £5.99
A pacifier with attitude for future rockstars and cool kids!
Pirate Skull Glow Pacifier

Never again will you be in the devastating predicament of being caught without googly eyes, with this emergency tin. Keep it with you at all times, just in case!
Glow in the Dark Googly Eye Tin
Your very own robot in fourteen different ways! This 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot kit allows you to build fourteen robots with fully moving parts that are powered by the sun, it'll even work on water!
14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot
Let this little cute plush toy Ladybug keep you safe at night, the Twilight Ladybug will light up and create starry constellations in the bedroom...
Cloud B Twilight Ladybug

Don't underestimate this sweet bunny keychain, for though he may be small, he is fierce! Press his tail and he suddenly becomes a super-bright LED torch.
Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch
Speed demons will love the Fuze Wheel Writer, lighting up the night with funky images and animations.
Fuze Wheel Writer
Customise clothes, accessories and even fabrics around the home, with this twinpack of Glow Puffy Paints. The bright pink and green paints glow in the dark too!
Twinpack Glow Puffy Paints

This charming Baby Squirrel Night Light will comfort tired tots into a restful slumber.
Baby Squirrel Nightlight
Anyone who's music mad will love Blink Budz - motion activated earphones with blinking LED's, keeping you looking cool even when the darkness hits.
Blink Budz
If you think bad hair days are the worst thing in the world, try having grass for hair instead. Water this guy and watch him sprout luscious green locks.
Ceramic Grass Head
Save 40%
Was £3.95 Now £2.36

This Japanese comic book style Kaiju monster will guard keys as he shines a beam of fiery light from his mouth.
Kaiju Monster LED Keyring Torch
The LED keyring torch is not just incredibly cute, but very handy too. We think it puts other keyrings to shame!
Cone of Shame LED Keyring Torch
Momo the Monkey will brighten any room with his playful smile during the day, and warm, soothing glow at bedtime. The perfect bedtime buddy for little ones
Momo Monkey Wall Decor Light

The ultimate boys toy for fun in the snow, the Snow Scooter beats the boring old sledge hands down!
Snow Scooter
Don't let Nerd Bird's nerdy appearance fool you, for not only is he a cute keying, but a super bright LED torch too!
Nerd Bird LED Keyring Torch
Everyone loves Wallace & Gromit, and our lavender scented Gromit, who is not only super-soft and furry, but will also keep you lovely and warm, is a pretty big deal.
Microwaveable Gromit

Keep the force with you wherever you may be with battery operated Star Wars Mood Lights, giving ultimate protection against the dark side (of the room). Available in Stormtrooper or Darth Vader design
Star Wars Mood Lights
The perfect gift for fans of great adventures, the Aloka Sleepy Light is available with either Spaceship, Train or Pirate design, along with four light functions. Bright, fun and functional!
Aloka Sleepy Light Adventure
A funky new night light with appeal for all ages the Boon Glo Nightlight combines colour change and glow in the dark to create a stylish and portable night light that can be taken to bed for extra comfort at night.
Boon Glo Lamp or Nightlight

The perfect gift for the person who is forever losing their keys, the Owl Flash Light Key Cap will make important keys the best of the bunch. A handy LED light will make fumbling for the lock a thing of the past too!
Owl Flash Light Key Cap
Overcome any fears of the dark with the super cool astro projector torch. Your little ones won'’t be able to wait until night time to project spellbinding images of planets and space images onto walls and ceilings throughout your home.
Astro Projector Torch
Think of an awesome colourful glowing tractor and then build it with the Laser Pegs Tractor Kit! Brilliant fun, get creative with light and let your imagination run wild!
Laser Pegs Tractor Set

This sweet smiling little hedgehog night light will be a comforting companion, casting a warm glow around the room at bedtime.
Little Hedgehog Nightlight
Project up to 24 scenes from Disney's Frozen onto surrounding surfaces and relive your favourite moments time and again.
Disney Frozen Projector Torch Disney Frozen Projector Torch
Can you become the sharpest shooter in the bath?
Tin Can Alley Tin Can Alley

A soft and squidgy Olaf shines from within to cast a warm and comforting glow into your child's room.
Olaf Soft Pal Olaf Soft Pal
Discover a fascinating underwater world, growing your own Aqua Dragons and watching as they eat, play, swim and even reproduce!
Aqua Dragons with LED Lights Aqua Dragons with LED Lights
Save 13%
Was £22.99 Now £19.99
Create totally far-out lighting with the awesome 3D FX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello wall light. Fresh out the sewers of NYC and smashing through walls on his fight against crime! Cowabunga!
3D FX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D FX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Fireworks aren't just for Bonfire Night, enjoy explosive patterns of colourful light any night of the year with Firework Lightshow in my Room.
Firework Lightshow in my Room Firework Lightshow in my Room
Little ones will love the dark when they snuggle up with their Minnie Mouse Softpal. Lit by LED's, Minnie remains cool to the touch for comfort at night.
Philips Disney Minnie Mouse Softpal Philips Disney Minnie Mouse Softpal
Target practice just got way more exciting with zonic blaze screaming whistle arrows and an LED bow!
Air Storm Firetek Z-Curve Bow Air Storm Firetek Z-Curve Bow

Get into the spirit of Halloween with this spooky, kooky, cookie cutter! Make yummy gingerbread men with a spooky twist, they’re Ginger DEAD Men!
Ginger Dead Men Ginger Dead Men
Bring any object to life with these giant Googly Eyes, then turn off the lights and watch them glow in the dark too.
Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes
Cuddle up to a warming dragon with soothing lavender scents for cosy comfort this winter...
Cozy Pet Microwave Rainbow Dragon Cozy Pet Microwave Rainbow Dragon

The Philips Disney Mickey Softpal is the perfect bedtime companion for tired tots. A soft and comforting night light and LED lamp in one
Philips Disney Mickey Mouse Softpal Philips Disney Mickey Mouse Softpal
Launch your very own firework rockets through the air up to 75m with Air Storm Firetek Rocketz!
Air Storm Firetek Rocketz Air Storm Firetek Rocketz
This sporty red Cloud B Twilight Car will accompany car mad kids on adventures galore at playtime, before soothing them into a sound slumber at bedtime.
Cloud B Twilight Car Cloud B Twilight Car

Adorable Flashlight Friends have a flashlight in their tummies that shine to give comfort and reassurance at night.
Flashlight Friends Flashlight Friends
See the inner workings of the Death Star illuminated in haunting green light to make a very cool mood light.
Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Light Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Light
Creep, lumber and crawl your way through a menacing zombie apocalypse with this set of glow in the dark flesh eating zombies...
Glow in the Dark Zombie Play Set Glow in the Dark Zombie Play Set
Save 50%
Was £19.91 Now £9.95

Spiderman is poised and ready to attack in this impressive wall decal that's animated with incredible light effects and web slinging sounds!
Wild Walls The Amazing Spiderman Wild Walls The Amazing Spiderman
More Fast n Furious than your average Ford Fiesta, this very funky wall clock in a must for petrol heads!
Neon Rim Wall Clock Neon Rim Wall Clock
Every little girl needs a ragdoll and our Ellie Warmheart Heated Ragdoll is the sweetest dolly you will find.
Ellie Warmheart Heated Ragdoll Ellie Warmheart Heated Ragdoll

A light up remote controlled infrared flying UFO, this lightweight flying saucer will zip round your home with superior control and stability. Brilliant fun and ideal for remote control aviation experts, no matter what their age!
Remote Controlled Infrared Flying UFO Remote Controlled Infrared Flying UFO
Only the coldest of hearts could resist being melted by this charming Heatable Shaun the Sheep soft-toy.
Microwaveable Shaun the Sheep Microwaveable Shaun the Sheep
Fresh from fighting evil in Metropolis, Superman is lighting your room with his glowing superhero powers.
Lego Superman Nightlight Lego Superman Nightlight

The cordless Mumbo Elephant Wall Light comes with wall decals to recreate an African sunset scene, soothing little ones to sleep with it's soothing glow.
Mumbo Elephant Wall Decor Mumbo Elephant Wall Decor