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Easter Gift Ideas
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Girls just wanna have fun and they'll do just that with these great gifts for your girlfriend!

Relax, de-stress and and invigorate aching muscles with the LED Body Massager.
LED Body Massager
The wonder of Elvis is captured comically in this kooky Look-Alite The King mood light!
Look-Alite The King
A groovy planter for the hippy at heart, this campervan planter is the perfect place to grow herbs or store your munchies!
Herbert Planter

Put down the gaming control and pick up the Cool Circuits Light Puzzle for the ultimate mind bending challenge!
Cool Circuits Light Puzzle
Avert rash decisions and disastrous actions with the Solar Einstein. Just one look at this genius figurine will remind you to engage your brain before you act!
Solar Einstein
A glass of wine a day is good for you don't you know!
Wine Bottle Glass

A fruity looking contemporary table lamp made from opaque acrylic for a warm, inviting glow. The Mini Happle Lamp makes a fab table lamp for any room in your home and a charming gift.
Mini Happle Lamp
Bring burlesque to your brew and show the young ones that you've still got it with the Still Swingin' Mug.
Still Swingin' Mug
Add this adorable owl keychain light to your keys and this friendly little owl will give you just enough light to guide you to your keyhole in the dark!
Owl Keychain Light

Keep tattoos looking fresh and skin supple with light weight Grandmas Secret Tattoo Moisturiser.
Grandmas Secret Tattoo Moisturiser
Colour highlights are so yesterday! Highlight your hair with diamante hair gems for real sparkle and shine!
Diamante Hair Gems
Alert obnoxious drivers and other road users to your road position with 140 decibels or pure noise!
Hornit DB140 Cycle Horn

Mmmm, donuts! Made of chocolate!
Solid Chocolate Donut Set
Give your cup of tea the first class treatment that it deserves with High Tea.
High Tea
The Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser combines two of our favourite things; pugs and tea.
Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser

As soft and squashy as real gummy bears, these funky keyrings will brighten the way!
Gummy Bear Keyring
A faithful dashboard companion and an ally in your battle against witless road users and pointless pedestrians.
Dashboard Wigglers
Confuse the elderly and entertain small children, as they try to convince everyone that they aren't mad and the animals on the wall are moving!
Moving Woodland Animals Picture

Time for tea! The white Bone China Teapot Lamp is a modern addition to any kitchen, or a quirky gift for friends and family.
Bone China Teapot Lamp (15700)
Take high tea and delight your guests with Tea Cupcakes for a tasty upper class treat! Bake yummy cupcakes and present them in elegant style!
Tea Cupcakes
This Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure is perfect for paying homage to the crazy cat lady in your life. If they believe that no outfit is complete unless it's covered in cat hair, this is the gift for them!
Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

10" of sweet, chocolatey awesomeness. In your face, traditional cheesy creations, there's a new slice of heaven in town now. Best Before End: April 2015
10" Chocolate Pizza
Buy One Get One Free
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the vainest of them all? Whoever they are, one look in the Fart Face Mirror will soon wipe the smile off their pretty little face.
Fart Face Mirror
Infinity candles create a brilliant effect of infinite candles stretching into the distance using only one candle and some clever mirrors...
Infinity Illusion Candle

For the tea or coffee drinker with a strong stomach, these creepy crawly Bug Mugs come in fly or spider and might just put your off your tea break!
Bug Mugs
Cute and decorative, these love Heart Candles are great fun for girly birthdays, special occasions and of course romantic moments. Pink and red hearts make lovely cake decorations.
Heart Candles (6 Pack)
A 7" disc of sweet, delicious Belgian chocolate. Forget your traditional Cheesy Margarita, it's all about the sweet treats now. Best Before End: April 2015
7" Chocolate Pizza
Buy One Get One Free

Flaunt your sexy bikini body while you prepare your food. Make your man hungry for more, this sexy apron will help you to cook up a storm in the kitchen!
English Heart Sexy Apron
Do you want bulging shoulder muscles, a chiselled six pack and thighs the size of a normal persons waist? Be instantly transformed with the Body Builder Picture Poncho.
Body Builder Picture Poncho
Communicate your mood without even speaking! Use a mood mug to tell your friends, family and colleagues just how you’re feeling as you enjoy a nice cuppa.
Mood Mugs

Decorate your home with these beautifully designed candles, fill your home with the indulging scent of chocolate!
Chocolate T-light Candles (6 Pack)
A charming set of breakfast bowls, coffee cups and accessories with a difference, each features an irresistibly cute facial expression portraying various emotions. A charming addition to your breakfast table, choose your mood from the Emotion Breakfast Set.
Emotion Coffee Cups and Breakfast Bowls
Children's favourite sweets made out of plated silver, show your love with this shiny version of a classic romantic candy.
Silver Love Heart

A lovely hanging heart tealight holder which is available in antique effect cream and romantic red.
Hanging Heart Tealight Holder
A pack of greeting cards which allow you to adjust the words to create your own personalised message!
Say It With Words Greeting Cards
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Keep your lips kissably soft and your sweet tooth at bay with deliciously yummy Chocolate Lip Gloss.
Chocolate Lip Gloss

Create a warm, inviting glow with decorative LED Candle Bags without the danger of real flames for stunning, romantic effects.
LED Candle Bags (6 Pack)
Fragrant floating candles made from soy wax, available in either sweet vanilla or fruity mandarin.
Floating Coconut Shell Candles
Tasty garden tools and sweet Belgian chocolate roses make the perfect gift for green fingered friends.
Chocolate Gardening

Achieve super funky, lighting effects with these mesmerising Lava Lamp Aquariums. Cute, realistic looking fish swim through bubbles and multi coloured light inside the iconic lava lamp shape.
Lava Lamp Aquariums
When would you ever get away with doodling all over your friends and families faces?? Well now you can with a Fuzzy Face picture frame!!
Fuzzy Face Picture Frame
Fully Waterproof Bathtime Books for Grown Ups
Sexy Bath Time Books

Decorate your own paper bear or monkey however you wish, then simply affix enough stamps to cover postage and send them in the post.
Paper Teddy
Beautiful natural beeswax candles with a delicate honey scent that are delightfully unusual and available in different sizes.
Coral Beeswax Candles
Give your adventurous friends and family the gift of clean drinking water when they're out on adventures! The Steripen Freedom Solar & USB UV water purifier gives the ability to have clean, sterile drinking water anywhere in the world!
Steripen Freedom Solar & USB

An excellent gift idea for somebody special or for a lover of all things arts and crafts, the greatest candle in the world powder set enables them to make their very own scented candles.
The Greatest Candle Powder Set
A luxurious set of massage candles for a soothing and relaxing experience for him or for her. These Massage Candle Sets are available in Metro Homme or Secrets and contain unique blends of essential oils and vitamin E for a truly sumptuous treat.
Massage Candle Set
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Warm, relaxing and ideal for entertaining, this stylish all natural Bamboo 3 Wick Candle is infused with delicious Himalayan Spice essential oils for a warming atmosphere.
Bamboo 3 Wick Candle - Himalayan Spice

Inject some retro chic with the fab Classic Lava Lamp. Forever a design icon, this funky lava lamp will attract endless attention.
Classic Lava Lamp
Choose from a treat for your head or a treat for your feet, or better still both with these luxurious Argan Oil Massage Candles for feet and hair. Two beautifully blended essential oil massage candles infused with super moisturising Moroccan Argan Oil.
Argan Oil Massage Candles Feet & Hair
Brighten up your home or garden with contemporary style and wonderful colour change light! The Rechargeable 20cm Cube Lamp goes through colour changes in four fab functions or can be held on your favourite colour depending upon your mood.
Rechargeable 20cm Cube Lamp

The smallest of our chocolate pizza's, the 4" version has all the chocolatey awesomeness, in a size that you won't have to share. Best Before End: April 2015
4" Chocolate Pizza
Buy One Get One Free
A quirky wall clock featuring a charming owl with mesmerising eyes, this Glow in the Dark Owl Clock becomes even more bewitching at night as its eyes glow brightly in the dark!
Glow in the Dark Owl Clock
Play with light and make colourful patterns that rotate with and shine throughout your room with a crystal Standing Rainbow Maker.
Standing Rainbow Maker

Just add tealights to these quirky T-Lamp Retro Tealight Holders and enjoy kooky sixties style and a warm inviting glow.
T-Lamp Retro Tealight Holders
Bright and bold Blink Time Watches display the time with just one touch. Striking arm candy, these colourful watches have date and time functions and look fantastic day and night.
Blink Time Watches
Only the coldest of hearts could resist being melted by this charming Heatable Shaun the Sheep soft-toy.
Microwaveable Shaun the Sheep

This little piggy went wee, wee, wee, wee…all the way into the microwave, where it warmed up and released a lovely lavender scent, making it just perfect to cuddle up with on a cold winters night. Also available in cute Cream Cow design.
Microwaveable Knitted Warmers
Don't let Nerd Bird's nerdy appearance fool you, for not only is he a cute keying, but a super bright LED torch too!
Nerd Bird LED Keyring Torch
The lava lamp remains the epitome of retro cool and this impressive premier version will leave smaller versions in the shade!
Premier Lavalamp

Serve up love on toast and tell your loved one how you feel at breakfast. Great for a romantic treat, use the Lovehearts Toast Stamp to serve up your loving message. Awwwwww...
Love Hearts Toast Stamp
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Pop this adorable Hooty Owl in a microwave for a couple of minutes for a snuggly warm companion. Choose from Pink or Brown Furry Owl, or Floral Patchwork Owl designs.
Microwaveable Hooty Owls
The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a nice warm on a winters evening. Nothing says winter like tartan, and these herbal heated packs will become a favourite on those cold nights.
Tartan Hot Pak

Wow! Love those shoes! Listen to your favourite tunes in glamorous style with the fabulous Stiletto Speakers! Fabulous shoes and funky tunes… what’s not to love?
Stiletto Speakers
Sweet messages on even sweeter sweets, we all remember Lovehearts! Lovehearts Sweets Tea Lights are shaped just like the real thing just larger and carry the same cute messages.
Love Hearts Sweets Tealights
A pack of pets as you've never seen them before! Fifty three 3D pets are poised to play on these poker sized playing cards. Sure to be a hit with dog and cat lovers of all ages!
3D Lenticular Pet Playing Cards
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Was £9.95 Now £7.46

Anyone who's music mad will love Blink Budz - motion activated earphones with blinking LED's, keeping you looking cool even when the darkness hits.
Blink Budz
This sweet Night Owl Candle is the perfect gift for all ages. He's so adorable, you might just find it too hard to use him as a candle.
Night Owl Candle
Luxurious spa inspired Massage Oil Candles that moisturise and nourish your skin for a truly indulgent experience.
Massage Oil Candles

Lift your home with bright and colourful light effects from the small but powerful Moodpod. An outstanding colour wash projection mood light, achieve exclusive kaleidoscopic 3D shadow effects for dramatic looks and create personalised colourful lighting.
"Kiss Me" Send a clear message this Valentines with our straight talking cherry red lips shaped soap! Mmmwah!
Lip Soap
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Was £2.45 Now £1.22
Give your keys a little company with these light and sound animal keyring torches. Each featuring bright LED light and realistic animal sound effect...
Animal Keyring Torch

THE ORIGINAL LAVA LAMP Mathmos' great line of lava lamps started here with the Astro. Great quality, the original and possibly the best...
Mathmos Astro Lava Lamp
Microwave Bagpuss. The most important. The most beautiful. The most magical. Saggy old cloth cat in the whole wide world.
Microwave Bagpuss
If you're old enough to remember these adorable little space creatures, you're probably old enough to need a heated wheat & lavender scented soother for cold nights!
Microwave Clangers

Candles with the sweet scent of chocolate, these scented candles are great for the 'chocoholic' in all of us...
Chocolate Candle (single)
Light a Simply Soy Scented Candle for the ultimate relaxing luxury. Highly fragranced in minimalist jars they're made with essential oils for indulgent you time.
Simply Soy Scented Candles
Impress your friends and family with your delicious creations. Secure your invite to any party with mega cupcakes that are 25 times bigger than usual! Perfect for celebrations of any kind or, just because you love cupcakes.
Mega Cupcake

Surrender yourself to the sheer pleasure!
Hedonism Head Massager
You've heard of heart warming? Well these hearts really do warm up, your hands that is! Heart Hand Warmers are heat packs that you can use over and over again.
Heart Hand Warmers (2 Pack)
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Was £4.99 Now £1.99
Everyone loves Wallace & Gromit, and our lavender scented Gromit, who is not only super-soft and furry, but will also keep you lovely and warm, is a pretty big deal.
Microwaveable Gromit

Bacon Toothpaste will hit those early morning bacon cravings head on, at times when nothing else will do.
Bacon Toothpaste
Snuggle up with Santa or a Snowman and get comfy for the Christmas festivities.
Snug Rugs
Christmas jumpers are a festive season must have and this retro-styled, glow in the dark Fair Isle version will leave the rest in the shade when the lights go down.
Glow T-Shirt Winter

Don't underestimate this sweet bunny keychain, for though he may be small, he is fierce! Press his tail and he suddenly becomes a super-bright LED torch.
Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch
Why spend any longer in denial, convincing yourself you're having ‘just the one glass’, then wasting precious time refilling throughout the evening. With the Giant Wine Glass, one glass is all you need.
Giant Wine Glass
Dazzle your friends when you serve up drinks with the Cool Jewels Dazzling Diamond ice cube tray.
Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray

An absolute must for absent minded friends, the Whistle Key Finder alerts you to your keys location with a high pitched bleep! Never lose your keys again with a keyfinder fob that even lights up so that you can find your keys in the dark too.
Whistle Key Finder Whistle Key Finder
Cast soft light into your room from the energy efficient Suck UK Bunny Lamp. A charming table lamp or night light that will be adored by kids and adults alike.
Suck UK Bunny Lamp Suck UK Bunny Lamp
The ultimate accessory that no Princess can be without, think Paris Hilton and you’re there! Studded with sparkly pink jewels, these super sized wine glasses are fantastic for girly nights in or out!
Pimp Cup - Princess Pimp Cup - Princess

Add a bit of retro funk to any room with this battery operated Glitter Lamp. Groovy baby!
33cm B/O Glitter Lamp 33cm B/O Glitter Lamp
The perfect gift for the person who is forever losing their keys, the Owl Flash Light Key Cap will make important keys the best of the bunch. A handy LED light will make fumbling for the lock a thing of the past too!
Owl Flash Light Key Cap Owl Flash Light Key Cap
Just the thing celebrating special occasions, these authentic chinese flying lanterns feature a large red love heart design
Love Heart Flying Lanterns Love Heart Flying Lanterns
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