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Bedroom Decorations

Make your child's room their own and personalise their space with warm lighting, clocks and accessories.

Never hungry and always happy the electronic pet fish inside the Fincredible Aquarium swims hypnotically around an illuminated colour change bowl.
Fincredible Aquarium
Take a walk on the wildside with a safari adventure every night with Wild Walls light and sounds wallscapes.
Wild Walls Safari Adventure
Vanquish evil villains and fight crimes against boring lighting with these incredible 3D FX Marvel Night Lights.
3D FX Marvel Lights

Create stellar effects that resemble distant starry galaxies and are as hypnotic as the real thing. Enjoy sensory stimulation with the luminous glow created by the Laser Sphere Projector as you ponder the wonders of the universe.
Laser Sphere Projector
Ward off the evils of boring lighting and see off "the big light" with Superman and Batman Look-Alite mood lights!
Look-Alite Superhero
With energy ray light effects and flying combat sounds, Iron Man comes to life in your room with this impressive Wild Wall!
Wild Walls Iron Man

Star Wars favourite C-3PO appears to have crashed through your wall shining light into your room.
Solid plastic and self adhesive glow in the dark stars and crescent moon. They glow for up to 1 hour after being exposed to natural or artificial lighting...
Glow In The Dark Stars (20 Pieces)
Confuse the elderly and entertain small children, as they try to convince everyone that they aren't mad and the animals on the wall are moving!
Moving Woodland Animals Picture

Momo the Monkey will brighten any room with his playful smile during the day, and warm, soothing glow at bedtime. The perfect bedtime buddy for little ones
Momo Monkey Wall Decor Light
An educational and fun mobile that you can hang from your childs ceiling, the Solar System Mobile is great for learning...
Solar System Mobile
Cuddle up under the moon of love whilst casting a gorgeous, heavenly glow into your room from the stunning Glow in the Dark Moon Clock. This stunning wall clock is made up of real lunar imagery and guaranteed to turn heads!
Glow in the Dark Moon Clock

A glass-faced wall clock with aluminium hands and an incredibly cute clock face...
Bunny Wall Clock
The Perfect Piggy Gift
Little Piggy LED Nightlight
1000 Glow in the dark stars, including planets, rockets, UFOs etc. An amazing value for all these stickers, place them anywhere on the walls or ceiling...
1000 Glow In The Dark Stars

A simple yet effective guide to your light switches at night, Glow in the Dark Light Switch Covers glow green to show you the way at night!
Glow in the Dark Light Switch Covers (3 Pack)
Nurdy's are simply designed yet colourful and fun looking characters, the Nurdy Farm Clock is great to hang from the wall of your childs bedroom...
Nurdy Farm Clock
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This super cute LED light mobile makes a fabulous nightlight as it goes through a calming colour change light pattern. Settle your little one at night with the gorgeous Spaceman Mobile.
Spaceman Mobile

A fun and comforting night light, this cute little Woodland Rabbit LED Night Light emits a reassuring warm white glow.
Woodland Rabbit LED Night Light
The cordless Mumbo Elephant Wall Light comes with wall decals to recreate an African sunset scene, soothing little ones to sleep with it's soothing glow.
Mumbo Elephant Wall Decor Mumbo Elephant Wall Decor
A range of colour changing LED light mobiles that looks stunning when glowing in the dark, each a different shape...
Led Light Mobile Led Light Mobile

A fine bone china Dog Lamp that is so adorable, he is hard not to love, when lit you can even see his little doggy whiskers through the warm glow. Standing (or rather sitting!) at 21cm high, this lamp will be adored by every generation!
Bone China Dog Lamp Bone China Dog Lamp