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Childrens Lighting

Magical and decorative, table lamps and string lights give an enchanting touch to children's rooms.

If you like unicorns then you'll love this fab mood light. It doesn't poop rainbows, but it does light up with a magical colour change!
Unicorn Moodlight
Make your life a movie and celebrate your favourite scenes illuminated by this Clapperboard Light Box!
Light Up Clapperboard
The perfect gift for fans of great adventures, the Aloka Sleepy Light is available with either Spaceship, Train or Pirate design, along with four light functions. Bright, fun and functional!
Aloka Sleepy Light Adventure

Dino mad kids will love this Retro T-Rex that glows from his belly to make a roarsome night light!
Retro T-Rex Light
Take a trip down memory lane to where your love of football began with this Subbuteo football mood light!
Subbuteo Moodlight
Kids love dinosaurs, and kids will love this quirky Brontosaurus lamp that will fill their room with a cosy glow at night.
Retro Brontosaurus Lamp

Illuminated by a white LED, this portable Stormtrooper Lamp has a 15 minute timer function.
Stormtrooper Portable Lamp
Holy crabby patties! Spongebob Squarepants crashes through your wall to shine light into your room!
3D FX Spongebob Squarepants
Bright yellow lava flows in clear fluid to give the Dark Knight a very groovy makeover!
Batman Lava Lamp

Darth Vader's elite army are missing a Stormtrooper! An iconic Stormtrooper helmet appears to have crashed through your wall shining light into your room!
3D FX Stormtrooper
A squeezable balloon pal that won't pop or float away, the Balloon Dog Lamp brightens your room with a warm, comforting glow.
Balloon Dog Lamp
Cast a warm, inviting glow into your room for a relaxed atmosphere with the retro red camper van light.
Retro Red Camper Light

No self respecting Star Wars geek would be without the incredible planet destroying Death Star mood light!
Star Wars Death Star Mood Light
As mesmerising as the Man of Steel's stare, this funky Superman Lava Lamp features groovy red lava!
Superman Lava Lamp
There's nothing to fear in the dark as Superman turns his powers to funky room lighting with this Superman logo light...
Superman Logo Light

An iconic image of Batman is lit by bright white LEDs to make a very cool moodlight...
DC Comics Batman Hero Light
With bold colours and vintage British style, this Retro London Bus Light illuminates your space with a gentle glow.
Retro London Bus Light
Vanquish evil villains and fight crimes against boring lighting with these incredible 3D FX Marvel Night Lights.
3D FX Marvel Lights

Feel the Darkside of the Force as new Star Wars bad guy Kylo Ren smashes through your wall shining light into your room!
3D FX Kylo Ren
With energy ray light effects and flying combat sounds, Iron Man comes to life in your room with this impressive Wild Wall!
Wild Walls Iron Man
Illuminate story times and peaceful slumbers with the Big Bear Light. This teddy bear design lamp and night light features five different colour modes.
Big Bear Light

Signal your favourite robots in disguise and transform your room with 3D FX Transformers Shield wall lights!
3D FX Transformer Shields
Love this light you will….Star Wars Master Yoda crashes through your wall shining light into your room!
3D FX Star Wars Yoda
Feel the power of the Darkside as the most iconic movie bad guy of all time Darth Vader crashes through your wall….
3D FX Star Wars Darth Vader

Take a walk on the wildside with a safari adventure every night with Wild Walls light and sounds wallscapes.
Wild Walls Safari Adventure
Star Wars favourite C-3PO appears to have crashed through your wall shining light into your room.
Signal the Caped Crusader or simply enjoy the subtle lighting from the iconic Bat signal with the Batman Eclipse Light.
Batman Eclipse Light

A large shark and sealife creatures come to life in your room animated with underwater light wave effects and undersea sounds.
Wild Walls Shark Encounter
Hans Solo's Millennium Falcon crashes through your wall leaving flames in its wake and lighting your room!
3D FX Millennium Falcon
Embrace thoughtful lighting with the MyLight bed light, a motion activated light that illuminates beneath the bed with a soft guiding glow.
My Light Bed Light

Momo the Monkey will brighten any room with his playful smile during the day, and warm, soothing glow at bedtime. The perfect bedtime buddy for little ones
Momo Monkey Wall Decor Light
Smiling farmyard animals dance and fly their way around the farm, adding charm to any children's room.
Farmyard Rotating Lamp
A funky new night light with appeal for all ages the Boon Glo Nightlight combines colour change and glow in the dark to create a stylish and portable night light that can be taken to bed for extra comfort at night.
Boon Glo Lamp or Nightlight

Let The Joker light your room with his twisted smile and super-bright LED light.
Lego Joker Nightlight
Quirky British style meets iconic design in the London Bus String Lights. Unusual and decorative they're a fantastically cute way to provide soft ambient light throughout your home.
Battery Operated London Bus String Lights
An educational and fun mobile that you can hang from your childs ceiling, the Solar System Mobile is great for learning...
Solar System Mobile

Throw some light at the situation with the 3D FX Sports Ball Deco Light. Available in tennis ball or hockey puck design, these cool cordless lights are just what you need for brightening any themed room.
3D FX Sports Wall Decoration Light
The awesome 3D FX Car Deco Light is the ideal nightlight for car-mad kids. LED headlights glow as the shiny cars crash through the wall.
3D FX Car Decoration Light
Kids will adore these Rabbit String Lights, a set of sixteen adorable grey rabbits that cast a soft, magical glow around the room.
Rabbits Stringlights

Keep the force with you wherever you may be with battery operated Star Wars Mood Lights, giving ultimate protection against the dark side (of the room). Available in Stormtrooper or Darth Vader design
Star Wars Mood Lights
A charming companion to help reassure your child at night, this Little Baby Bunny Night Light casts a warm white glow to comfort your child and help alleviate fears of the dark.
Little Baby Bunny Nightlight
Totally safe huggable and holdable animal nightlight to keep little ones safe at night.
Animal Cordless Nightlights

Achieve super funky, lighting effects with these mesmerising Lava Lamp Aquariums. Cute, realistic looking fish swim through bubbles and multi coloured light inside the iconic lava lamp shape.
Lava Lamp Aquariums
This sweet smiling little hedgehog night light will be a comforting companion, casting a warm glow around the room at bedtime.
Little Hedgehog Nightlight
A wise owl that casts a warm glow into your child's room at night, the Woodland Owl LED Night Light casts just enough light to be a comfort to little ones as they settle to sleep at night.
Woodland Owl LED Nightlight

Little boys and little girls alike will love these adorable bright-eyed Puppy Dog String Lights.
Puppy Stringlights
These playful goldfish stringlights are a colourful, fun light feature for any child’s room. Get decorative and cast a warm and cosy glow.
Goldfish Stringlights
Cute little kittens always go down a treat with the kids, and these Kitten String Lights will certainly be a favourite with children of all ages.
Kitten Stringlights

Shine the Bat signal from your room to call the Caped Crusader as you bask in the relaxing yellow glow....
Batman Bat Signal Projection Light
The angular appearance of this modern rhino lamp is softened by a warm white LED for a cosy glow.
Origami Lamp White Rhino
Super sweet with an inner glow, this Retro Pug Light make an adorable lighting feature in your home.
Retro Pug Light

This teddy bear has a lamp for a head to light up your darkest rooms, you should thank this little guy, he has given away his head to light your room up...
Teddy Bear Lamp
These sturdy origami dino's are all you need to add character and a warm glow to your kids room...
Origami Lamp Dinosaur
Dog lovers will adore this sweet Yorkshire Terrier lamp that's lit by a warm white LED for a cosy glow.
Retro Yorkshire Terrier Lamp

The lava lamp remains the epitome of retro cool and this impressive premier version will leave smaller versions in the shade!
Premier Lavalamp
Sit back and watch a battle for the galaxy take place inside this Star Wars mood light with ever moving Tie Fighter and X-Wing pieces!
Star Wars Galaxy Battle Light
The classic gaming ghosts of Pac-Man make a colourful come back in light in the Pac-Man Ghost Mood Light.
Pac-Man Ghost Light

Just because nobody's ever seen one, doesn't mean that unicorns aren't real, and this magical unicorn lamp will tide you over until somebody discovers the real deal!
Retro Unicorn Light
A range of colour changing LED light mobiles that looks stunning when glowing in the dark, each a different shape...
Led Light Mobile Led Light Mobile
Kapow Light Shade is a stunning acrylic Kapow light shade which really delivers a visual knock out...
Kapow Light Shade Kapow Light Shade

The cordless Mumbo Elephant Wall Light comes with wall decals to recreate an African sunset scene, soothing little ones to sleep with it's soothing glow.
Mumbo Elephant Wall Decor Mumbo Elephant Wall Decor
A fine bone china Dog Lamp that is so adorable, he is hard not to love, when lit you can even see his little doggy whiskers through the warm glow. Standing (or rather sitting!) at 21cm high, this lamp will be adored by every generation!
Bone China Dog Lamp Bone China Dog Lamp
Fresh from fighting evil in Metropolis, Superman is lighting your room with his glowing superhero powers.
Lego Superman Nightlight Lego Superman Nightlight

Create totally far-out lighting with the awesome 3D FX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello wall light. Fresh out the sewers of NYC and smashing through walls on his fight against crime! Cowabunga!
3D FX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D FX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Cute, decorative and perfect for adding a little magic to your home, these charming Toadstool String Lights give an enchanting lift with light.
Toadstool String Lights Toadstool String Lights
Spiderman is poised and ready to attack in this impressive wall decal that's animated with incredible light effects and web slinging sounds!
Wild Walls The Amazing Spiderman Wild Walls The Amazing Spiderman

The Philips Disney Mickey Softpal is the perfect bedtime companion for tired tots. A soft and comforting night light and LED lamp in one
Philips Disney Mickey Mouse Softpal Philips Disney Mickey Mouse Softpal
See the inner workings of the Death Star illuminated in haunting green light to make a very cool mood light.
Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Light Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Light
Light your room with beautiful soft fairy lights in the shape of perfectly formed Dollies String Lights. Beautiful detail and intricate design make these adorable lights perfect for little girl’s rooms and bohemian characters.
Dollies String Lights Dollies String Lights