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Quirky kitchen utensils that give personality to your kitchen and are practical too. Kitchen accessories with a difference!

Not just for members of the Magic Circle, this age old magic trick has a flavoursome twist!
Magic Hat Salt & Pepper Shakers
Add a little extra bulge to your middle with Muffin Tops. Fill them up and watch those love handles grow. Eat too many and muffins won't be the only thing expanding!
Muffin Tops
Make table decorations that are as cool as your drinks with the Nice Ice Cooler....
Ice Cooler

A charming set of breakfast bowls, coffee cups and accessories with a difference, each features an irresistibly cute facial expression portraying various emotions. A charming addition to your breakfast table, choose your mood from the Emotion Breakfast Set.
Emotion Coffee Cups and Breakfast Bowls
After a long day of beavering away, all you want is a nice cold drink. Let the mighty nice beaver assist you!
Nice Beaver Bottle Opener
A bunny for your honey - this sweet bunny shaped honey pot will store your honey until you are ready to use it on your toast, pancakes, waffles or even in your tea.
Hunny Bunny Honey Pot

Up the kitchen comedy factor with the most honest tea towel you'll ever come across.
I'm Dirty Tea Towel
If you're more zombie than human before your have your morning caffeine hit, then this mug is for you....
Zombie Apocalypse Heat Change Mug
The Wall's Retro Blender combines vintage style with modern functionality, for a summer of smoothies, juices and frozen margaritas.
Wall's Retro Blender Cream

Take high tea and delight your guests with Tea Cupcakes for a tasty upper class treat! Bake yummy cupcakes and present them in elegant style!
Tea Cupcakes
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Was £14.99 Now £10.49
Tea's a saviour? Tell us something we don't know! Nothing is more saintly to us Brits than a good cup of tea...
Jesus Mug - Tea's a Saviour
Just like all cheeky boys, this nostalgic freckle faced boy opens bottles with his teeth!
Freckle Face Wall Bottle Opener

Calm down! Calm down! This Scouse Tea Towel features a plethora of the very best (and slightly ironic) sayings and expressions from our friends in Merseyside.
Scouse Tea Towel
Throw a little extra something in your Bloody Mary with the 3D Zombie Hand Ice Mould.
3D Zombie Hand Ice Mould
Nobody likes rings on their swanky coffee table but who really wants to ask their party guests to use a coaster? Face Mats will protect your stuff and get the party going, all at the same time
Face Mats

The Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser combines two of our favourite things; pugs and tea.
Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser
Being the keeper of a moustache brings with it great responsibility. The Moustache Etiquette Tea Towel is a lesson in moustache etiquette for the discerning gentleman.
Moustache Etiquette Tea Towel
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Was £7.99 Now £6.40
Mood lighting doesn't get any more magical than from the Dream Fairy Jar. Twinkling white LED's shine from within a charming glass jar for a little enchantment at night.
Dream Fairy Jar

Don't even think about tackling the end of the world with out a good hearty breakfast....
Zombie Eggpocalypse Egg Cup Set
Gifts don't come much more retro than this Donkey Cruet Set. So tacky it's actually kind of awesome.
Retro Donkey Cruet Set
Is there any better gift for the old trouble and strife than the Cockney Tea Towel?
Cockney Tea Towel

Purrrrfect for serving snacks, Meow Cat Picks give feline style and character to your party foods...
Meow Cat Picks
Save 25%
Was £8.99 Now £6.74
Leave dinner guests with no doubt as to which side of the vegetarian debate you fall and stun friends into shocked silence as you serve up lunch on the Let's Eat Pig Tray!
Lets Eat Pig Tray
Flumux them with the I'm a Tart Heat Change Mug. First impressions may have them questioning your choice of gift, but add hot liquid and all will be revealed!
I'm a Tart Heat Change Mug

Peel, Sharpen and Curl your vegetables to add a creative flair to your meals
Karoto Carrot Sharpener & Peeler
A practical but funny voodoo cutting board complete with backstabbing knife.
Ouch Voodoo Cutting Board
Save 20%
Was £14.99 Now £11.99
The Caped Crusader helps you to fight crimes against the evil Doctor Dry Mouth with the glow in the dark Batman mug!
Batman Glow in the Dark Mug

Go wild in the kitchen and pour precision measures of oils, vinegars, wines and spirits with Party Animal Bottle Pourers.
Party Animal Bottle Pourer
Take the guess work out of baking and cooking recipes with the E-Kitch Jug & Scales. A measuring jug and scales in one; simply pop your mix in and it'll tell you its measurements in imperial or metric.
E-kitch Digital Jug & Scales
Funky fork and spoon for your kids to enjoy, the Flop Tops will make children giggle as they tuck into their food...
Flop Tops Cutlery
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Was £11.95 Now £5.99

A must for parties, the Candy Floss Maker lets you enjoy the ultimate nostalgic treat without coming into contact with a fairground full of greasy teenagers.
Candy Floss Maker
Create cupcakes fit for a king with this fun Aristocakes Cupcake Moulds! Bake and give Aristocakes and make your loved ones feel like royalty!
Aristocakes Cupcake Moulds
Save 20%
Was £8.99 Now £7.19
I cant believe its not Buddha
Buddha Butter Dish

Make getting juice out of lemons, limes etc easy with Squeeze. Squeeze's great design allows you to use it with the palm of your hand for quick and easy juicing...
Squeeze Fruit Juicer
Save 50%
Was £3.95 Now £1.99
On first impression it looks like another cheesy slogan mug to clutter up the cupboard, but sometimes you need to read between the lines. Pour a brew and the slogan revealed might not be quite what they expected!
Old B*stard Heat Change Mug
If you think bad hair days are the worst thing in the world, try having grass for hair instead. Water this guy and watch him sprout luscious green locks.
Ceramic Grass Head
Save 40%
Was £3.95 Now £2.36

Want to bake a cake but lacking the skills? Impress your loved ones and bake them a three tiered Birthday Cake! Simply pour in the mixture and you're away!
Multi Tier Cake Tin
Save 47%
Was £18.95 Now £9.95
Make a mix and bust a move with the Disco Biscuits cookie cutter.
Disco Biscuit Cutter
Love on Toast - literally! Just stamp this plastic stamper in your bread and your toast will bring forth a message of love with every slice...
Love on Toast Toast Stamper
Save 50%
Was £3.95 Now £1.97

The super-organised will relish their reliability being celebrated with this seemingly innocent mug...until they make a brew and realise that the joke is on them!
A Perfect Twat Heat Change Mug
Cook a romantic breakfast or lunch with cute heart shaped eggs! Perfect for valentine's day, anniversaries and romantic occasions, cook heart shaped eggs in the lovely Eggspress Heart Mould.
Eggspress Heart Mould
Impress your friends and family with your delicious creations. Secure your invite to any party with mega cupcakes that are 25 times bigger than usual! Perfect for celebrations of any kind or, just because you love cupcakes.
Mega Cupcake

A charming and decorative way of keeping your eggs in date order, the Egg Skelter is a beautiful way of displaying your eggs whilst ensuring that you never pick the oldest egg again!
Egg Skelter Cream
Treat mum to breakfast in bed and remind her that she's the best this Mother's day - or even this Saturday - With some official "Best Mum" toast!
Best Mum Toast Stamp
Give your kids fun looking toast, this Dinosaur Toast Stamper can be used to imprint a fun picture of a T-Rex eating toast onto your bread...
Dinosaur Toast Stamper
Save 20%
Was £2.76 Now £2.21

Just the thing for a hearty breakfast! This silicone egg / pancake mould is just the thing for a romantic breakfast in bed - fry up some heart-shaped pancakes!
Heart Silicone Egg/pancake Mould
Save 40%
Was £4.99 Now £3.00
Pick out hotdogs from twenty paces with this giant condiment squirting gun that squirts your choice of sqeezable sauce - ideal for barbecues and food based fun!
Condiment Gun
Had a few too many last night? Like to enjoy a drink but tired of overdoing it? Keep an eye on your units with the BeerOmeter pint glass.

Goes in round...comes out square! A fantastic egg cuber for those who love a bit of order in their life!
Egg Cubed
Bone Chiller Ice Cubes are great to go with your piratey grog or even your spooky drink at halloween, make yourself some great skull & crossbone cubes with this tray!...
Bone Chillers - Pirates Ice Cubes
Make your friends believe you've got dentures in your drink, the Frozen Smile Ice cube tray will allow you to make great teeth shaped ice cubes...
Frozen Smile Ice Cube Tray

A blessed and miraculous toast stamp, Holy Toast is a great way to make eating toast more interesting and sacred!...
Holy Toast Bread Stamper
Soft and hard boiled eggs cooked to perfection every time!
Egg Perfect Eggtimer
Give your toast a new sea-dog look with the Pirate Toast Stamper, just stamp the bread before it goes in the toaster.
Pirate Toast Bread Stamper
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Was £3.95 Now £1.99

Give your eggs personality with Egg Bod Egg Cups and Spoons. Ideal for making breakfast a little more interesting dress your eggs according to your mood.
Egg Bod Egg Cups And Spoons
Save 50%
Was £7.99 Now £4.00
Flaunt your sexy bikini body while you prepare your food. Make your man hungry for more, this sexy apron will help you to cook up a storm in the kitchen!
English Heart Sexy Apron
Nothing like watching home movies with a bucket of popcorn, make fresh popcorn with this Cosmopolitan Popcorn Maker!...
Cosmopolitan Popcorn Maker
Save 46%
Was £27.95 Now £14.99

A Finger Food Set to present the "hors d'oeuvres" of the party, a stylish set made of porcelain and stainless steel to hold your cocktail food etc...
Finger Food Set (6 Piece)
Save 52%
Was £24.95 Now £11.99
Make sure your child is safe when giving them their medication, Timecheck is a great double sided spoon that will remind you when you gave the last dose...
Timecheck Medicine Spoon
Save 33%
Was £2.95 Now £1.99
Bake homemade birthday cakes in seconds with these mini cake moulds! Arrange the cakes to form a digit of your age.
Digital Mini Cake Moulds
Save 80%
Was £9.95 Now £1.99

Bring some retro cheer to your table with this novelty Campervan shaped butter dish.
Campervan Butterdish Campervan Butterdish
A heat reactive Lightsaber mug that will delight Star Wars fans!
Lightsaber Heat Changing Mug Lightsaber Heat Changing Mug
A cut above, these luxurious diamond shaped tumblers are the perfect shape for aerating your whiskey or brandy as you drink.
Diamond Glass (2 Pack) Diamond Glass (2 Pack)

Rescue your food from bland obscurity and season with salt and pepper straight from the cat's ass!
The Cat's Ass Salt & Pepper Shaker The Cat's Ass Salt & Pepper Shaker
Inject a bit of humour into your dinner! This sheep looks a little worried and is great for laughs in the kitchen and BBQ's alike.
Sheep BBQ Apron Sheep BBQ Apron
Get into the spirit of Halloween with this spooky, kooky, cookie cutter! Make yummy gingerbread men with a spooky twist, they’re Ginger DEAD Men!
Ginger Dead Men Ginger Dead Men

One of the funniest kitchen gadgets of all time...and also one of the most disgusting!
Bogey Man Egg Separator Bogey Man Egg Separator