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Take the guesswork out of nipping to the loo in the night with the Loo Light Lav Nav. Loo Light detects you approaching the loo and lights up the seat for you. Read more...


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An unusual but incredibly practical idea the Lav Nav Loo Light easily attaches to your toilet and uses an inbuilt PIR sensor so that the light turns on as you approach illuminating the toilet. Additionally the Lav Nav Loo Light has red and green lights to let you know if the loo seat is up or down preventing any nasty accidents!

With the Loo Light fitted you no longer need to turn on the main light - the Lav Nav Loo Light will illuminate the loo and its surroundings.

Practical for your home and quite possibly the most unique gift in the world!

  • Loo Light
  • Ensure the surface is very clean before fitting to ensure the product is well adhered
  • Easy to fit to any toilet
  • Turns on automatically - PIR sensor
  • Works only at night
  • Auto light shut off
  • Red or green illumination - seat up or down
  • Great for children and adults alike
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (long battery life)

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