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Serve party drinks in light up and novelty barware! Flashing glasses, ice buckets and jugs make a fabulous party atmosphere!

Brighten up your drinks and have a party in your glass with funky LED Ice Cubes! These flashing ice cubes are waterproof and come in blue, white or multi coloured for fun light effects in your drink!
LED Ice Cubes
As low as £1.02 each
Go disco and serve up your party drinks in these glam disco mirrorball drinking cups!
Disco Ball Drinking Cup
Rack up your party drinks in colourful Test Tube Shot glasses....
Test Tube Shots

Nobody likes rings on their swanky coffee table but who really wants to ask their party guests to use a coaster? Face Mats will protect your stuff and get the party going, all at the same time
Face Mats
Just like all cheeky boys, this nostalgic freckle faced boy opens bottles with his teeth!
Freckle Face Wall Bottle Opener
Present gorgeous glowing desserts at your party and make a big impression with Glow Ice Cream Cups!
Glow Ice Cream Cups (4 Pack)

Go wild at your next drinks party and protect your stuff too! Party Animals drinks mats give you a whole range of hilarious animal faces that you can wear!
Face Mats Party Animals
Make your parties more amusing with these Pick Your Nose party cups, laugh as your friends have hairy upper lips or have a Toucans beak etc...
Pick Your Nose Cups
UV Reactive High Ball Glasses - reuseable and colourful plastic hi-ball cups that glow brightly under UV light or blacklight!
Uv Reactive High Ball Glasses
As low as £1.00 each

Increase the booze flow with this revolver shaped Shots Gun! Pump up the pressure and ... Draw! Dispense your drinks in style!
Shots Gun
So kitsch they're cool, these decorative pink flamingo party lanterns add instant party atmosphere to your home!
Flamingo Party Lantern
Lighten up the party atmosphere with this illuminated drinks jug. It holds 1400ml of drinks and features colour fading LED lights...
Light Up Drinks Jug

Make sure the glass you raise is your own with these nifty Glow Alphabet Drink Markers.
Glow Alphabet Drink Markers
Have a ice cold drink, fill the mold with water, give it a quick freeze and you have your very own ice made drink holder to contain and chill your drinks...
Ice Shot Glasses
Save 37%
Was £7.96 Now £4.99
The most powerful UV blacklight we have, take your parties to the next level with these high powered blacklights and supercharge those glow in the dark items...
Uv Blacklight Fixture

Add some sparkle to your cola with a flashing colour changing cola glass ideal for parties or just a bit of enlightened fun...
Flashing Cola Glass
As low as £2.39 each
Brighten up the table with fantastically colourful UV reactive Sundae Spoons and drinks stirrers. Perfect for parties or just for fun, this funky fluorescent table wear glows brightly under UV blacklight!
Uv Sundae Spoons/drinks Stirrers (24 Pack)
Why not add a to the party atmosphere to your drinks with this strobing beer glass...
Flashing Beer Glass
As low as £2.15 each

A stunning alternative to our Glow Cups, These light up margherita glasses feature seven different lighting modes. Add some extra sparkle to your party...
Light Up Margherita Glasses
As low as £1.67 each
A must for the frustrated cocktail barman in you, create a dazzling light show as you create the perfect cocktail with a strobing cocktail shaker. Simply pour in your ingredients, mix them up and enjoy!
Strobing Cocktail Shaker
UV Reactive Shot Glasses - reuseable and colourful plastic shot cups that glow brightly under UV light or blacklight!
Uv Reactive Shot Glasses
As low as £0.66 each

Incredibly cool shot glasses shaped and designed like empty shotgun rounds, add these awesome glasses to your next party or BBQ!
12 Gauge Shot Glass (4 Pack)
Save 30%
Was £12.95 Now £9.06
A Finger Food Set to present the "hors d'oeuvres" of the party, a stylish set made of porcelain and stainless steel to hold your cocktail food etc...
Finger Food Set (6 Piece)
Save 52%
Was £24.95 Now £11.99
UV Reactive Pint Glasses - reuseable and colourful plastic pint cups that glow brightly under UV light or blacklight!
Uv Reactive Pint Glasses (6 Pack)

A bright idea for presenting your party drinks, serve up long drinks in Edison Lightbulb Drinking Glasses....
Edison Lightbulb Drinking Glasses Edison Lightbulb Drinking Glasses
Toilet gags and drinks at the ready with these comedy toilet shot glasses!
Toilet Shot Glasses Toilet Shot Glasses
Why spend any longer in denial, convincing yourself you're having ‘just the one glass’, then wasting precious time refilling throughout the evening. With the Giant Wine Glass, one glass is all you need.
Giant Wine Glass Giant Wine Glass

Dispense a shot of blue light alongside your favourite drink time and again with the light up bar caddy!
LED Bar Butler LED Bar Butler