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Home Disco

Set an engaging party atmosphere with funky home disco lighting, UV lighting and groovy laser projectors!

Dance floors and parties are not the same without colourful disco lighting! The Rotating Disco Ball is a fantastic home party light that will add real flare and funk to your room.
Rotating Disco Ball
With party tunes and colourful light all from one handy little amp, the party amp is all you need for instant party atmosphere!
Party Amp
A very funky disco ball, the Colour Change Mirror Ball Pendant glows from within and casts colour change light into your room. Perfect for parties or as a funky mood light!
Colour Change Mirror Ball Pendant

Use UV light to create a strobing effect that enhances your set and really get the party moving.
Slimline UV LED Par Ultraviolet Light Effect
Good lighting makes a funky party atmosphere and so get your party rocking with this fantastic home Disco Light Kit. Fab for home parties or smaller venues this kit has all you need for a fabulous party lighting.
Disco Light Sets
A Strobe Light that can be fixed to any wall or ceiling, this mini strobe light has it all and it weighs next to nothing too!
Mini Strobe Light

Brighten up your party and turn your home into an instant dance floor with a funky LED Fireball Party Light.
LED Fireball Party Light
A UV Black light in all its simplicity. The UV Black Light Bulb fits into almost any regular 'bayonet' fitting on lamps or ceiling lights...
Uv Black-light Bulb
Liven up home parties and celebrations with colour change light from the fabulous PAR36 Spot Light and Colour Wheel.
Spotlight and Colour Wheel

A powerful UV Cannon which emits an incredible amount of UV light that will cover a large area, ideal for night clubs, rave parties and more!
Uv Cannon 400w With Bulb
Prices from £109.08
Mirrorballs are a must if your ever going to make a dancefloor, these Professional Mirrorballs are great for clubs, pubs and theatres...
Disco Mirror Ball
Create spooky effects on stage or make dance floor lights more visible with this Professional Smoke Machine!
Professional Grade Smoke Machine (160.461)

These rope lights are available in various sizes and are suitable for both indoor use and outdoor use, freshen up your garden or home in a multitude of ways...
Led Rope Light
Give your party or event a magical feel with gorgeous, magical bubbles! The Double Bubble Machine easily fills even larger venues with fabulous bubbles for an enchanting party atmosphere.
Double Bubble Machine QTFX B4
A colourful and dazzling mood lamp, the Fibre Optic Colour Change Lamp emits a cool and soothing light making it great for Christmas decorations, table decorations and parties...
Fibre Optic Colour Change Lamp

The most powerful UV blacklight we have, take your parties to the next level with these high powered blacklights and supercharge those glow in the dark items...
Uv Blacklight Fixture
Hang your Mirrorball from this mains powered motor and watch it spin your flashy and dazzling disco mirrorball...
Mirrorball Motor
A powerful UV Cannon which emits an incredible amount of UV light that will cover a large area, ideal for night clubs, rave parties and more!
400w Blacklight Bulb E40 Fitting

Add a little magic to your party dance floor with bubbles! The QTFX Bubble Machine releases a steady stream of fabulous bubbles for an outstanding party atmosphere.
Bubble Machine Qtfx B2
Flood your dancefloor with beautiful glowing bubbles for a fabulous party atmosphere!
UV Bubble Machine Fluid - 5L
Add a little magic to your party and flood your venue with spectacular UV reactive bubbles!
UV Bubble Machine Fluid - 1L

Power up your mirror ball with a mirror ball motor. Compatible with mirror balls that weigh up to 2kg and provides 6 rotations per minute.
Mirrorball Battery Powered Motor
Make the most of your party venue and add a little magic with the Mega Bubble Machine QTFX B3. An impressively high output bubble machine that's lightweight and portable. Perfect for home and garden parties!
Mega Bubble Machine QTFX B3 Mega Bubble Machine QTFX B3