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Handy and practical but more importantly fun, how did you cope without this selection of grown ups toys?

Fall into an endless tunnel of pulsing light when you play your favourite tunes through Infinity Mirror Speakers!
Infinity Mirror Speakers
Connect with friends and family wherever they are in the world with Toy-Fi Teddy, an adorable teddy bear that will record and receive your personal messages.
Toy-fi Teddy
Who wants to live in the real world when the virtual world's this good?
Immerse - Virtual Reality Headset

Charge up to four devices all at the same time from the futuristic Robo Hub 2000!
Robo Hub 2000
With party tunes and colourful light all from one handy little amp, the party amp is all you need for instant party atmosphere!
Party Amp
Bright and bold Blink Time Watches display the time with just one touch. Striking arm candy, these colourful silicone watches have date and time functions and look fantastic day and night.
Blink Time Watches

Up your Jedi credentials with this handy R2-D2 writing pen that also projects the image of Princess Leia from Episode 4!
Star Wars R2-D2 Projector Pen
Relax, de-stress and and invigorate aching muscles with the LED Body Massager.
LED Body Massager
A must have gadget for pockets and handbags everywhere, the GO3 LED Smart Pen is a 3in1 pen that can even be used with today's tech.
GO3 LED Smart Pen

Blast out your favourite tunes and project sound reactive colourful mod lighting all from one funky speaker that compatible with most smartphones and tablets.
Prism Projection Speaker
Become a regular James Bond complete with handy gadgets and all, as all is not as it seems with the Ultimate Geek Pen....
Ultimate Geek Pen
Put Blink Keyz on your keyring and put a stop to all the effing and blinding while you fumble in your bag because you've lost you keys again.
Blink Keyz

Your iPhone 5 or 5s will come alive every time you receive a call or text with the protective iLight iPhone 5 case.
iLight Phone Case for iPhone 5 SE
With high quality sounds and pulsing colourful LEDs, this Akai Vibes bluetooth LED speaker gives an awesome sensory experience!
Akai Vibes Bluetooth LED Speaker
A super cute book light with real retro appeal, the Tiny Tim Retro Book Light illuminates your page and will clip onto your book or sit by your laptop to provide adjustable light in just the right place.
Tiny Tim Retro Book Light

Alert obnoxious drivers and other road users to your road position with 140 decibels or pure noise!
Hornit DB140 Cycle Horn
A super stylish ergonomically shaped Egg Massager that uses heat and vibration to sooth your aches and pains away!
Egg Massager
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Touch up your lippy and keep on top of your look with an illuminated LED compact mirror.
Hollywood Mirror

An absolute must for absent minded friends, the Whistle Key Finder alerts you to your keys location with a high pitched bleep! Never lose your keys again with a keyfinder fob that even lights up so that you can find your keys in the dark too.
Whistle Key Finder
Give your adventurous friends and family the gift of clean drinking water when they're out on adventures! The Steripen Freedom Solar & USB UV water purifier gives the ability to have clean, sterile drinking water anywhere in the world!
Steripen Freedom Solar & USB
Make yourself heard! Make sure that your audience hears your rocking tracks and solo performances with the Paper Jamz Amp.
Paper Jamz Amp
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Surrender yourself to the sheer pleasure!
Hedonism Head Massager
This laser pen offers so much more -and at a fantastic price! Our fabulous four-in one laser-pen incorporates a laser-pointer, bright LED torch, pda stylus and, you guessed it, a smooth writing ball-point pen...
Laser Pen 4 In 1
The card sized reading helper with light is ideal to slip in your purse or wallet, perfect for those occasions when you need easy to use magnification and illumination on the move.
Credit Card Reading Helper

Ideal Gift for the Motorist
Auto Glove Box Set
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Was £9.90 Now £6.94
Your very own robot in fourteen different ways! This 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot kit allows you to build fourteen robots with fully moving parts that are powered by the sun, it'll even work on water!
14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot
Keep your gadgets and devices running and full of power with a 12 pack of AAA batteries.
AAA Batteries (12 Pack)

Whether it's messages of love, a good luck wish or even plain and simple nagging, your message will be delivered clear as day with the Hi! Voice Recorder.
Hi! Voice Recorder Hi! Voice Recorder
Enjoy a mesmerising electrical light show that reacts to your music with this USB Plasma Bluetooth Speaker...
Plasma Bluetooth Speaker Plasma Bluetooth Speaker