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String Lights

A huge choice of string lights and fairy lights for indoors and outdoors that make magical lighting gifts.

Fabulously nostalgic British Seaside memorabilia, these Beach Hut String Lights hold delightful retro charm. Highlight your home with fabulously eccentric British design.
Beach Hut String Lights
Quirky British style meets iconic design in the London Bus String Lights. Unusual and decorative they're a fantastically cute way to provide soft ambient light throughout your home.
Battery Operated London Bus String Lights
Who doesn'’t love roses? Add a touch of romance to your home with real Bodhi leaf rose string lights. String them out or bunch them up to create a stunning lighting effect.
Bodhi Leaf Rose String Lights

Battery Operated Baroque Pearl String Lights
Battery Operated Baroque Pearl String Lights
These lights will brighten any room with a soft white glow, to create a pretty decorative light feature.
50cm Battery Operated White Flower Twig Lights
Create stunning displays of colourful light that can span around your home or garden with Colour Change LED Connectors. Light up to 5000 LED's from just one plug!
Colour Change LED Connectors

Bejewelled and glamorous, bohemia string lights would make a beautiful gift for any lady who wants to add a feminine feel to any room in the home and once lit will create a warm, intimate atmosphere that allows you to relax and unwind.
Bohemia String Lights
Spread a little festive cheer with these charming battery operated Gingham Bell LED String Lights.
Gingham B/O Bell Stringlights
20 Fairy Lights
20 Fairy Lights

Change from Multi-Coloured to Warm White to Mixed Colours at the push of a button.
80 LED Colour Switch Lights
Never forget to turn the lights on or off again with our Outdoor Timer LED String Lights. A 40m length of LED’s, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these battery operated lights work without sunlight; perfect for dark, grey winters.
400 B/O Outdoor Timer LED String Lights
Illuminate your dining table with magical light and delicate beads with the Battery Operated Black and White Bead Table Runner.
Battery Operated Black and White Bead Table Runner

Heavily featuring in oriental art, the dragonfly is symbolic of luck and positive energy. Decorate key features with these dragonfly string lights and bring the positivity, luck and the beauty of oriental design into your home.
Thai Silk And Bead Dragonfly Lights
Cast soft light into your home and garden creating a magical atmosphere with Leaf Fantasy String Lights. Stunning fairy lights, they emit a soft romantic glow that’s warm and inviting.
Leaf Fantasy String Lights
Illuminate your home and for the festive season with delightfully decorative clear fairy lights.
100 Fairy Lights

Give your table a little more sparkle with a table runner that has built in LED lights, complimenting any centrepiece or used alone to add some festive decoration
Led Table Runner
Little boys and little girls alike will love these adorable bright-eyed Puppy Dog String Lights.
Puppy Stringlights
Project yourself into the Tropics and create the warmth and vitality of a Hawaiian luau with frangipani string lights. Great fun decorations for parties, or just to add a little tropical lift to your home.
Frangipani Flower Stringlights

Add some colourful lights to your home and garden, these Reflector LED String Lights can be set from flashing to chasing, fading or even static lighting!
180 Reflector Multi-function Led String Lights (Blue)
Butterflies are one of nature’s true beauties, their colour and delicate features instantly lift your mood. Recreate their beauty in your home with colourful, handmade butterfly string lights.
Thai Silk And Bead Butterfly String Lights
Enchanting fairy lights make a fabulous room decoration. Battery Operated Flashing LED Lights are fully portable allowing them to add a magical atmosphere to features all around your home. Available in various colours.
35 Battery Operated Flashing LED Lights

Cute little kittens always go down a treat with the kids, and these Kitten String Lights will certainly be a favourite with children of all ages.
Kitten Stringlights
These rope lights are available in various sizes and are suitable for both indoor use and outdoor use, freshen up your garden or home in a multitude of ways...
Led Rope Light
These playful goldfish stringlights are a colourful, fun light feature for any child’s room. Get decorative and cast a warm and cosy glow.
Goldfish Stringlights

Kids will adore these Rabbit String Lights, a set of sixteen adorable grey rabbits that cast a soft, magical glow around the room.
Rabbits Stringlights
Use enchanting fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere full of excitement and anticipation with Cluster String Lights.
Cluster String Lights
Illuminate your home with colourful displays of light with LED Connector Lights Multi Colour! Connect up to fifty sets of lights for outstanding, lively decorations.
LED Connector Lights Multi-colour
As low as £19.99 each

Create a warm atmosphere that's as inviting as a Marrakesh coffee shop with exotic Maroq String Lights. Beautiful and unusual these stunning lights emit a warm, romantic glow.
Maroq String Lights
These deep red chilli-peppers make for some stunning ambient lighting, string them around your kitchen or anywhere you'd like...
Chilli Lights
22 LED light chain, battery operated, and with 1.7 metres of illumination
Battery Operated Silver Whisper Stringlights

Cute, decorative and perfect for adding a little magic to your home, these charming Toadstool String Lights give an enchanting lift with light.
Toadstool String Lights Toadstool String Lights
Light your room with beautiful soft fairy lights in the shape of perfectly formed Dollies String Lights. Beautiful detail and intricate design make these adorable lights perfect for little girl’s rooms and bohemian characters.
Dollies String Lights Dollies String Lights
Connect up to fifty sets of decorative LED Connector Lights White to create a magical atmosphere both in and outside your home.
White LED Connector Lights White LED Connector Lights
As low as £19.99 each

Add some decorative lighting in your home with these lit twigs; a select bunch of long twigs pre-fitted with decorative string lights, ideal for a little mood lighting...
Twig Lights Twig Lights
Brighten up your garden with solar powered string lighting that sets off your garden beautifully. Use decorative string lights to animate key features such as trees, bushes and trellis’ creating an oasis of calm and beauty.
Hi Output Solar String Lights Hi Output Solar String Lights