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Practical, portable lighting, this diverse range of torches includes hi tech LED Lensers and goofy keyring torches.

You're a lumberjack and you don't care! Transform boring old keys into a whirring chainsaw with this fun key cover!
Light & Sound Chainsaw Key Cover
These sweet Smurf Keylight Torches, with their bright eyes and smiling faces, will be loved by Smurf fans of all ages. Available in Smurf or Smurfette design.
Smurfs Keyring Torches
The Caped Crusader saves the day shining light in the dark with this mini Look-Alite keyring torch.
Batman Clip-On Mini Look-Alite

The LED keyring torch is not just incredibly cute, but very handy too. We think it puts other keyrings to shame!
Cone of Shame LED Keyring Torch
Shine bright white light from these charming Kids Animal Headlights and make the dark an adventure! Children's head torches available as three cool creatures, kids will love these cute animal characters that enable them to play in the dark.
Kids Animal Headlights
Turn your room into an enchanting world packed with fairies and unicorns with this sweet projector torch.
My Very Own Fairy and Unicorn Projector Torch

The perfect gift for Star Wars or Lego fans.
Lego Star Wars Led Key Lights
This Japanese comic book style Kaiju monster will guard keys as he shines a beam of fiery light from his mouth.
Kaiju Monster LED Keyring Torch
Squeeze pocket sized squidgy Micro Lites for white light! Available in Minions, Frozen's Olaf and My Little Pony!
Micro Lites

Don't underestimate this sweet bunny keychain, for though he may be small, he is fierce! Press his tail and he suddenly becomes a super-bright LED torch.
Scooter Bunny LED Keyring Torch
Don't let Nerd Bird's nerdy appearance fool you, for not only is he a cute keying, but a super bright LED torch too!
Nerd Bird LED Keyring Torch
An absolute must for absent minded friends, the Whistle Key Finder alerts you to your keys location with a high pitched bleep! Never lose your keys again with a keyfinder fob that even lights up so that you can find your keys in the dark too.
Whistle Key Finder

The perfect gift for the person who is forever losing their keys, the Owl Flash Light Key Cap will make important keys the best of the bunch. A handy LED light will make fumbling for the lock a thing of the past too!
Owl Flash Light Key Cap
Light your way with the DC Lego Super Hero Keyring Light. You're never too old to have a comic book legend guarding your keys!
DC Lego Super Hero Keyring Lights
Add this adorable owl keychain light to your keys and this friendly little owl will give you just enough light to guide you to your keyhole in the dark!
Owl Keychain Light

An incredible children's space projector torch complete with 24 colourful images from NASA!
Space Torch Projector
If anyone knows a bit about protecting the universe (or bedroom, playroom or desk) it’s Yoda, and the LEGO Yoda LED Desk Lamp will do just that.
Lego Yoda LED Desk Lamp
Light up your kids adventures with this spooky head torch. Two LED's shine from the eyes of this ghostly screaming ghoul. Ideal for camping trips, sleepovers and trick or treating of course!
Kids Halloween Headlight

Encourage exploration of the dark with a cute Mole Miner Keyring Torch. Kids and adults will love this fab keyring torch that's small enough to fit in little pockets, bags or on your keys for emergency light!
Mole Miner Keyring
Put Blink Keyz on your keyring and put a stop to all the effing and blinding while you fumble in your bag because you've lost you keys again.
Blink Keyz
Handy, portable, convenient, powerful, bright and good in an emergency are just some of the qulaities our super sleek Glow Company Keyring Torch holds.
Glow Company Keyring Torch

DC Comic's Harley Quinn becomes your sidekick giving light just when you need it most with this kooky Lego keyring torch.
Lego Harley Quinn Keyring Torch
This bright owl torch will light the way on outdoor explorations and camping trips. Perfect for little explorers!
Owl LED Crank Light Torch
Shine the Bat signal in times of trouble and the Caped Crusader may not come, but you'll have just enough light to shine in emergencies.
Batman Projection Torch

Santa torch is your Christmas hero! wind up his clever dynamo and generate all the light you need! No batteries required!
Santa Eco Torch
A torch that requires no batteries at all? You've got it! Just give it a small squeeze and the Penguin Eco torch lights up the way...
Penguin Eco Torch Penguin Eco Torch