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Out of the ordinary and unusual gift ideas that are guaranteed to raise a smile. Unusual gifts for quirky folk.

Take time out to enjoy a posh brew of lightly scented vanilla with this vintage teacup candle.
Vintage Candle Cup
Stop your wardrobe looking a little "woof" and add kooky vintage charm to your dressing room with adorable dog dress up coathangers!
Dog Dress Up Coathanger (Single)
Reveal beautifully detailed designs by candlelight with stunning lithophane dome tealight holders....
Lithophane Dome Tealight Holders

Forget everything you thought you knew about tea and prepare yourself for the ultimate indulgence...the scrumptious chocolate teapot!
Chocolate Teapot
From cute to creepy in the flicker of flame, Pyro Pet Candles reveal a brooding dark side!
Pyro Pet Candles
A message packed full of innuendo, these chocolate cuffs will seduce you with decadent dark chocolate....
Chocolate Handcuffs

Contrasting colour is revealed whenever you handle this hard backed notebook, giving a hot magenta hue to the deep black cover....
Thermo Notes
The must have money box for Guinea Pig lovers....
Guinea Piggy Bank
This Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure is perfect for paying homage to the crazy cat lady in your life. If they believe that no outfit is complete unless it's covered in cat hair, this is the gift for them!
Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

This delicious golf iron and ball chocolate set is anything but a bogey for golf fans!
Chocolate Golf Iron and Ball
Stylish, high quality and delicious, the U'LUVKA Vodka is an award winning drink praised for its taste, design and packaging!
U'luvka Vodka
Super sweet with an inner glow, this Retro Pug Light make an adorable lighting feature in your home.
Retro Pug Light

Nobody likes rings on their swanky coffee table but who really wants to ask their party guests to use a coaster? Face Mats will protect your stuff and get the party going, all at the same time
Face Mats
Hand warmers so hot, they're cool, VW Campervan hand warmers ensure toasty hands no matter where your adventures lead you.
Campervan Hand Warmers
Bottoms up! This wing corkscrew looks like the real thing, but is crafted from delicious chocolate!
Chocolate Wing Corkscrew

A superbly unique way to enjoy your whiskey "on the rocks"
On the Rock Glass
It is well known that dogs hate getting wet, almost as much as humans hate the smell when they do.The Dog Umbrella is a genius solution to these two epic problems.
Dog Umbrella
Anglers and fish mad Dad's will fall hook, line and sinker for these snuggly fish cushions!
Fish Cushions

A squeezable balloon pal that won't pop or float away, the Balloon Dog Lamp brightens your room with a warm, comforting glow.
Balloon Dog Lamp
Just because nobody's ever seen one, doesn't mean that unicorns aren't real, and this magical unicorn lamp will tide you over until somebody discovers the real deal!
Retro Unicorn Light
With a choice of two fancy felines and a charming vintage design, these cat dress up coat hangers are purrfectly suited to crazy cat ladies!
Cat Dress Up Coathanger (Single)

You'd be a spanner not to love this realistic looking Chocolate Adjustable Spanner made purely out of chocolate yumminess!
Chocolate Adjustable Spanner
Now this is what we call a light bulb moment! A hat and a lamp in one!
Light Headed Bowler Hat
A faithful dashboard companion and an ally in your battle against witless road users and pointless pedestrians.
Dashboard Wigglers

Whether you're a lover of cats, kitsch, or just plain superstitious, you'll love the waving paw lucky cat.
Lucky Waving Cat
Vanquish evil villains and fight crimes against boring lighting with these incredible 3D FX Marvel Night Lights.
3D FX Marvel Lights
Bath Plug Pug is your bathing bestie. When your skin is clean and your fingers are crinkly simply give him a tug to pull out the plug (see what we did there?)
Bath Plug Pug

Send heartfelt birthday wishes that translate to something a little more risque once you add hot water.
Old as F*ck Heat Change Mug
Unwind at the end of the day with toasty toes and cosy feet in Warmies microwaveable slipper boots.
Warmies Wolf Fur Boots
When it comes down to the nuts and bolts....these tools are crafted from delicious chocolate!
Chocolate Nut and Bolt

A practical tool with a twist, this copper tap is made of delicious dark chocolate!
Chocolate Tap
Peel, Sharpen and Curl your vegetables to add a creative flair to your meals
Karoto Carrot Sharpener & Peeler
Confuse the elderly and entertain small children, as they try to convince everyone that they aren't mad and the animals on the wall are moving!
Moving Woodland Animals Picture

These Sports Ball Socks are top draw! Available in basketball, football, tennis and baseball design.
Sports Ball Socks
If you think bad hair days are the worst thing in the world, try having grass for hair instead. Water this guy and watch him sprout luscious green locks.
Ceramic Grass Head
Save 40%
Was £3.95 Now £2.36
Just like all cheeky boys, this nostalgic freckle faced boy opens bottles with his teeth!
Freckle Face Wall Bottle Opener

Draw tension from tired necks and shoulders with a warming faux fur neck wrap...
Warmies Wolf Fur Neck Wrap
The Colour Changing Egg will morph into a spectrum of different colours, this wonderful looking mood light can be set anywhere you wish...
Light Up Colour Changing Egg (Single)
A luxurious range of vintage shaving products for the ultimate grooming experience, Men Rock Shaving Essentials cut so close that even the toughest of stubble is vanquished!
Men Rock Vintage Shaving Essentials

The Campervan remains hugely popular with young and old alike - and you're never too old to appreciate a remote controlled version.
Real Remote Controlled Campervan
We all need a little reassurance from time to time, and who better to get it from than the Pope himself.
Solar Pope
Had a few too many last night? Like to enjoy a drink but tired of overdoing it? Keep an eye on your units with the BeerOmeter pint glass.

Ward off the evils of boring lighting and see off "the big light" with Superman and Batman Look-Alite mood lights!
Look-Alite Superhero
Add some magic to your wood burning fire with the Mystical Fire Packets, throw these funky packets on the fire and watch the colourful flames dance...
Mystical Fire
As low as £1.30 each
Children's favourite sweets made out of plated silver, show your love with this shiny version of a classic romantic candy.
Silver Love Heart

These very funky glow in the dark notebooks make putting pen to paper way more funky than your note taking smartphone app!
Glow in the Dark Notebook
An adorable night light that little ones can love and hug, this light up teddy bear has super soft fur and soothing glow.
Light Up Blushing Teddy Bear
U'LUVKA Vodka Ice Bucket Set includes a shaped magnum of 175cl U'Luvka vodka, the elegant polished metal ice bucket, ice bucket stand with shotglass holder, 12 'legless' shot glasses, and a U'Luvka book of cocktails.
U'LUVKA Vodka - Ice Bucket Set
Prices from £263.94

Can’t live without your iPhone? Need your apps to help you manage your life? Well now you can organise your life on your fridge or indeed any magnetic surface with the use of these handy little app magnets.
App Magnets
Save 40%
Was £9.95 Now £5.99
The bankers Bowler hat is an iconic statement of British culture and heritage. Now, Jake Phipps has immortalised it in a stunning piece of lighting design.
Jeeves Table Lamp
Break out your best dance moves and moonwalk till your heart's content in the gentle light from the Look-Alite Thriller lamp!
Look-Alite Thriller

Practical, safe and very cool, this Hi-Reflective Umbrella will not only keep you dry, but will also ensure that you're seen in the dark as it brightly reflects the light from street lights and car headlights.
Hi-Reflective Umbrella
Don the Gentlemans Disguise and instantly command the respect a person of your stature deserves
Gentlemans Disguise
Nothing says "I love you" quite like a big vibrant red love heart. Ideal for romantics, spoil your loved one with a stunning Foil Love Heart Balloon....
Foil Love Heart Balloon
Save 50%
Was £1.99 Now £1.00

A 70cl bottle of U'LUVKA Vodka, 2 "legless" shot glasses and a U'LUVKA cocktail booklet all contained in a beautiful presentable gift box!
U'luvka Vodka 70cl Gift Box
Let the big baldy in your life reminisce about that time he had hair, with this heat sensitive retro mug.
Big Baldy Heat Change Mug
Save 20%
Was £4.86 Now £3.89
Infinity candles create a brilliant effect of infinite candles stretching into the distance using only one candle and some clever mirrors...
Infinity Illusion Candle

You don't need a telescope to enjoy the wonders of our solar system with these striking glow in the dark posters. Available in the Moon or Jupiter.
Glow in the Dark Posters
Decorate your own paper bear or monkey however you wish, then simply affix enough stamps to cover postage and send them in the post.
Paper Teddy
Anyone who's music mad will love Blink Budz - motion activated earphones with blinking LED's, keeping you looking cool even when the darkness hits.
Blink Budz

On first impressions it's just another 'Keep Calm' mug attempting to offer words of wisdom, however read between the lines and the message is a little more direct!
You Old Git Heat Change Mug
Lip balm in gift tin with funny images of our favourite pets dressed as our favourite celebrities! Slide back the lid to reveal the moisturising lip balm.
Pets Rock Lip Balm
Save 25%
Was £2.99 Now £2.24
Customise your very own mood light with colourful pens and pay homage to your nearest and dearest with kooky designs!
Look-Alite DIY

A stainless steel flask with an embossed gun on the face, the Shot Gun Flask is a cool and slick way to drink your favourite alcoholic drink...
Shot Gun Flask
Kooky hippy chic, this fantastic Solar Camper Van T-Shirt transforms in the sunshine to reveal a psychedelic green and blue design! A must for summer's days, this quirky colour change t-shirt is perfect for laid back looks.
Solar Camper Van T-Shirt
Save 25%
Was £19.99 Now £15.00
Add some flashing fun to your jacuzzi, hottub or batthtub with a stunning underwater lightshow that creates flashing fading light sequences under the water...
Under Water Light Show

Custom fit fangs that actually grow into place before your very eyes!
Special Fx Fangs
A fun and comfortable gift for any golfer.
Golf Slippers
Now you can scratch any itch with this stainless steel extendable back scratcher, relieve yourself of those hard to reach itches...
Extendable Back Scratcher

A fantastic gift for environmentally conscious people looking for a fantastic solar gadget.
Solar Kettle
Take air guitaring to the next level! This funky little number allows you to bang out guitar classics wherever you are.
Guitar Sounds T-shirt
Save 37%
Was £29.95 Now £18.95
Protect your iPhone 5 from bumps and knocks with a shock resistant iPhone 5 Glow Case. Sleek and practical, the two tone protective phone case is made from silicone and glows brightly in the dark.
iPhone 5 SE Glow Case

Warm these super furry free size slippers in a microwave for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.
Cozy Feet Slippers
Never again will you be in the devastating predicament of being caught without googly eyes, with this emergency tin. Keep it with you at all times, just in case!
Glow in the Dark Googly Eye Tin
Desktop drumming made easy! These drumstick pencils are half-pencil, half-drum sticks! Bash out a beat on your desk, mug, keyboard, mouse mat and everything else!
Drumstick Pencils (2 Pack)

A tissue roll cover to be remembered, the Toothpaste Tissue Holder is great for replacing the dull and ordinary roll cover...
Toothpaste Tissue Holder
Save 50%
Was £12.95 Now £6.47
A His and Hers Dress up set of Silly Specs
His & Hers Instant Weirdo Glasses
Cast soft light into your room from the energy efficient Suck UK Bunny Lamp. A charming table lamp or night light that will be adored by kids and adults alike.
Suck UK Bunny Lamp

The Glow Brick a stylish acrylic block with what looks like a light bulb set in the centre and, when the lights go out, the bulb glows in the dark...
Glow Brick - Suck Uk
Carve your own card - A wooden postcard ready for you to carve your love message into. Send your loved one a truly unique card...
Carve Your Own Card
A cool glowing jar that charges up from sunlight during the day and uses that stored energy to light up at night, this Sun Jar is a beautiful mood light...
Sun Jar - Suck Uk

Practical and fun gloves to wear when its cold, normal white gloves in the day and funky green glowing gloves at night...
Glow Gloves
As low as £3.60 each
Shoe laces that look normal by day and glow at night, these laces add a cool funky glow to your shoes. Give it a blast of natural or artificial light
Glow In The Dark Shoe Laces
Pencils made from recycled Chinese newspapers, the papers are so tight that it feels like it's made from solid wood...
Yesterday's News - Coloured Pencils
Save 60%
Was £4.99 Now £1.99

Wish that your hands are clean with the Wishy Washy Soap and you may just get your wish!
Wishy Washy Soap
50 x Fly away paper placemats. Five different paper planes to build.
Paper Plane Mats (50 Pack)
Save 34%
Was £5.99 Now £3.95
Retro indoor fireworks set your party off with a bang! Indoor fireworks add some colour and sparkle to your celebration whatever the weather.
Indoor Fireworks (25 Pack)

Reflo Socks for Knee, Hip & Shoulder Pain stimulate reflexology zones under your feet to help relieve knee, hip & shoulder pain...
Reflosocks For Knee, Hip & Shoulder Pain
Roasting marshmallows over an open fire is fantastic fun for young and old alike and these mallow lances make it all the easier...
Mallow Lance
Reflo Socks for Back & Neck Pain stimulate reflexology zones under your feet to help relieve back and neck pain...
Reflosocks For Back And Neck Pain

A pack of greeting cards which allow you to adjust the words to create your own personalised message!
Say It With Words Greeting Cards
Save 50%
Was £4.99 Now £2.50
The Screaming Skull Straw will flash red and emit a terrifying scream when you drink your favourite beverage through it!
Screaming Skull Straw
The drummer becomes the star of the show when they use incredible Light Up Drumsticks!
Light Up Drumsticks

You know that one colleague who is just a massive pain in the arse? Tell them, discreetly.
Asshole At Work Heat Change Mug Asshole At Work Heat Change Mug
The wonder of Elvis is captured comically in this kooky Look-Alite The King mood light!
Look-Alite The King Look-Alite The King
Witness a lightsaber duel of epic proportions each and every time you take a sip from the Star Wars 3D Motion Mug
Star Wars 3D Motion Mug Star Wars 3D Motion Mug

Only the coldest of hearts could resist being melted by this charming Heatable Shaun the Sheep soft-toy.
Microwaveable Shaun the Sheep Microwaveable Shaun the Sheep
Combat the smells of the rising dead in your car with a sweet smelling glow sugar skull air freshener...
Sugar Skull Glow in the Dark Air Freshner Sugar Skull Glow in the Dark Air Freshner
A cut above, these luxurious diamond shaped tumblers are the perfect shape for aerating your whiskey or brandy as you drink.
Diamond Glass (2 Pack) Diamond Glass (2 Pack)