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Magnetic Candles

Straight Candles on Wave Base
Straight Candles on Wave Base
Straight Candles on Wave BaseLeaningStraight Candles on Rectangular BaseLeaning Candles on Rectangular Base

These startling candles lean unsupported on their base thanks to cunningly concealed magnets inside. They also look absolutely stunning. Read more...

Individual Straight Candle - Black
Was £2.99 Now £1.50 £1.25 Ex. VAT

Individual Leaning Candle - Black
Was £2.99 Now £1.63 £1.36 Ex. VAT

Magnetic Candle Holder - Rectangle
Was £8.95 Now £5.76 £4.80 Ex. VAT

Magnetic Candle Holder - Wave
Was £9.95 Now £5.54 £4.62 Ex. VAT


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Four magnetic candles on a flat or wavy magnetic base.

Add black dinner candles that stand by themselves either straight and tall or with a dramatic lean.

Each candle hides a powerful magnet in its base that keeps it from falling over when stuck to one of the metal bases. Leaning and straight candles can be used on the flat base or you can add straight candles to the wavy base to create a striking minimalist centrepiece.


  • The elegant black dinner candles measure 30cm long.
  • The flat base is 32cm long and 21cm wide and can support both leaning or tilted candles and straight candles.
  • The wave base is 36.5cm long and 6.5cm wide and can support the straight candles for a wave effect or tilted candles to stand tall and vertical

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