Mini Strobe Light

Mini Strobe Light
Mini Strobe Light 1

A Strobe Light that can be fixed to any wall or ceiling, this mini strobe light has it all and it weighs next to nothing too! Read more...

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These stunning mini strobes are ideal for adding some rapid flashing light to your party or event!

Now available as either a mains powered 20w mini strobe OR as a battery operated white LED strobe light.

Both pack an incredible punch with variable flash rates and super bright white bulbs.
Both feature a wall / ceiling mounting bracket and can be fixed to a mobile lighting set up.

Mains Strobe
This 20 Watt mini strobe packs some serious 'bang for your buck' featuring a high intensity strobe bulb and a variable flash rate you can get all the flashing effects you need out of it. Not to mention that it comes fitted with a mounting bracket to fix it to the wall, ceiling or mobile lighting rig.

  • Variable flash rate up to 10 flashes per second,
  • 20 Watt high intensity bulb,
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket,
  • Mains Lead,
  • Standard UK Plug

Battery Strobe
This battery powered strobe light uses high powered super bright white LED lights to create the strobing flashing light effect and thanks to the technological marvel that is LED lighting, this baby will keep on flashing for hours and hours and hours!

Two super bright white LED bulbs pack a seriously dazzling punch inside this mini strobe - LED's are especially good for flashing lights as the bulbs don't blow and use only a fraction of the electricity of a regular bulb.

Throw in four AA batteries and you're good to go, no trailing wires or bulky adapters, just switch it on for instant strobe lighting. You can even adjust the flashing rate to suit your needs. Ideal for taking your party on the move!

  • Battery operated LED Strobe Light
  • 2 Super Bright LED Bulbs
  • No bulky power adapters or trailing wires
  • Adjustable flash rate

Take your party on the move!

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