Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Kit
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Easy gardening for busy homes, this stylish terrarium kit allows you to fulfil your green fingered urges without the commitment. Read more...

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All you need to create and maintain your very own miniature garden, this terrarium kit allows you to develop a self sufficient garden making it ideal for green fingered friends and those that would love a garden but can't quite get motivated!

Once a trend in the Victorian era, the terrarium is back...and with this easy to use kit, you will be creating your own tiny ecosystem in no time, all you need to do is choose the plants that you would like to grow inside. Available in two sizes; 5L or XL 15L these kits come with telescopic gardening tools, stones, soil and charcoal included, simply source your plants and arrange them through the neck of the bottle, and because the bottle is then sealed a mini eco system is formed allowing you to grow all manor of plants that may not usually be native to our cold, wet country.

Minimal care is needed for closed terrariums, making them ideal for beginner gardeners, and because they basically care for themselves, they can even be left for a couple of weeks if you go on holiday.

Why not illuminate your handiwork at night, making a stunning feature light of your bottle garden with a solar terrarium cork

  • DIY plant terrarium set
  • Grow and maintain your own garden inside a glass bottle!
  • Choose from 5L or XL 15Lkits
  • Kit includes; terrarium bottle, 2pc telescopic tool kit, cork, funnel, drainage stones, carbon, soil
  • Size of 5L terrarium bottle: 33cm (H) x 22cm diameter
  • Illuminate your terrarium bottle garden with a solar terrarium cork

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